Elder Senior Court

Dear President Trump, Elders and Seniors are getting scammed and financially destroyed across the nation. There are 50,000,000 + Elder/Senior Americans. 1 in 5 is a victim of Elder Financial Abuse, Fraud, Exploitation and undue influence. That’s over 10,000,000+ victims annually. With over 8 + Million Veterans, 10 + Million Alzheimer’s/Dementia and other Mental/Physical Health Disabilities, 1 + Million facing or are homeless and approximately 175,000 Holocaust Survivors. Our vulnerable Elders/Seniors are being targeted by sophisticated scammers, Predators and unscrupulous lawyers. Unfortunately, our current regular courts are not up to date with the latest scams nor trained with a focus on Elder/Senior laws, rights and programs. We need an Elder Senior Court, just like juvenile court and other specialty collaborative courts. By simply assigning 1 court room in every court house that will be dedicated to our 65+ citizens, with a Specifically trained judge and clerk who will be up to date with all the latest scams, case laws and Elder Protective programs. The time has come, 2132208669. On behalf of over 50,000,000 + Americans, please approve and establish the Elder Senior Court in every court house across the USA. Thank you, Guy Hart Chief Advocate and Co-Founder 2132208669