Educate People About Home Audio System

Task: Educate People About Home Audio System Issue: Most of the people consider the size of speaker as a measure. The bigger it is, it will be better. They dont understand what is 2 channel, 4 channel, 7.1 or atmos and blindly go for what technically sounds good. However it should be otherwise. They should buy based on their need, their house size and all. for example, The sound bar is the most popular way to improve sound quality beyond your TV's build-in speakers. It's not only convenient -- it usually involves plugging in just a single cable -- but also affordable. In general, sound bars are better for wall-mounted TVs and sound bases are better suited for housing smaller TVs while sitting on an AV unit. Of these two, sound bars are overwhelmingly the most popular option as sound bases can have issues with TVs that have legs at each end rather than in the middle. Solution: Instead of asking the sales guy in the showroom, they should look out for a solution before they visit the store. This will answer them basic question like: Is 7.1 or Atmos worth it? Do I need an AV receiver with built-in Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi?, Does virtual surround really work? Will a sound bar block the remote sensor on my TV? etc etc Home theater systems are complicated. When you’ve got a system with this many wires and settings, it’s surprisingly easy for things to go wrong. In the course of setting up and testing dozens of pieces of home theater equipment over the years, we’ve encountered plenty of issues ourselves. One can visit website to do the research and compare different product before they become the owner.