Berkeley County cps

CPS in this state is violating our own judiciary laws regarding their operarion, violating our right to family, kidjacking babies, and destroying family bonds for their own gain and blaming it on the opiod crisis. In my opinion they are snatching as many kids as possible to reap the bonus incentives which were reinstated with the Family First act. You then also have foster parents whos main goal is to adopt and not foster who are aiding in this child trafficking scheme. Not only do the foster parents and CPS get paid and a bonus for these kids, but foster parents get double reward if they get to keep the children. Cps of Berkeley County took my 2 grandsons almost 2 years ago. My family was denied to be able to get the boys. I completed the home study paperwork and everything passed but I needed to get a couple things, which I did complete, yet still cps didn't submit my home study paperwork to Judge Redding, they just took it upon themselves instead Then my daughter was ordered visitation with my grandsons by the judge, with the discrepancy of the foster parents and of course we haven't seen the boys sence July 2020. Then my daughter had my granddaughter on February 15,2022 and cps work Abigail Nester came to the hospital the next morning. In March Abagail and Brianna Shivers went to the Bethany house here in Martinsburg, took my granddaughter told the judge that my family was homeless and the baby needs weren't been met. We were staying in a motel because 9days before the birth of her we had a house fire. My grandsons were adopted on March 7,2022 by Amanda Cipriano and Katie Myers, which once again our family wasn't contacted before that took place. There needs to be something done with Berkeley County cps, gal ECT. For the false accusations and lies about families. Also both times quoted they contacted the extended family members to see if someone was willing to take the kids, never once contacted any family members, Our family members contacted them and was told they already have placement for the kids. The whole thing is very corrupted and something needs to be done, before it's to late. They continue to destroy families without available cause. Please in the best interest of the families get justice