Religion vs Faith

To correctly consider those issues concerning human rights and moral values as they pertain to the United States Constitution, all members of congress need to recognize and understand the differences between "Religion" and "Faith". The founding fathers determined four pillars of Truth were necessary to undergird the framework that would define the nation that was coming into existence. Those pillars are Union, Justice, Defense, and Patriotism. Those pillars cannot exist as a foundation if they are perceived from different faiths because the elements that comprise the various faiths are not the same. The signers of this petition are in agreement the Constitution of the United States was founded on the tenets of the Christian Faith but of varying Denominations. Consequently, in addition to existing qualifications to hold office in the United States, all candidates will be in agreement with and support the tenets of the Christian Faith. Demonstrated alliances with other faiths is disqualification for office as they serve to obstruct the pillars of Truth the Constitution was founded on.