SOCIAL SECURITY While I was busy making a living for my family. You, and your fellow members of congress were going along with a "SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY" plan that was taking more than needed from every single one of my paychecks. ME AND MILLIONS More like me were led to believe our excess Social Security retirement dollar tax contributions were building a cash reserve for the now retiring baby boomers; $181 Billion dollars in one year alone. Boomers are now retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day, and we find out THE MONEY'S GONE - It's been spent on something other than intended. MILLIONS OF AMERICANS Have kept our end of the bargain, and overpaid our Social Security taxes by as much as $846 Billion dollars in five year period. Unfortunately YOUR SILENCE has made you an unwitting partner in this scheme, and I'm encouraging you to break your vigil of silence, and speak out on this issue. I'M BRAKING MY SILENCE, and sharing this information with my fellow Americans. I encourage you as my elected official to support a better way. It's called the American Family & Community Rebuilding Act - AFCRA is comprehensive, community based, and constitutionally grounded BETTER WAY - It is the People's way. IT'S BEEN FULLY ENDORSED By Judge Ray Holbrook, the Tx. Judge who was instrumental in getting the Tx. counties out of the Social Security system, and into a retirement plan (Galveston plan - google it) that the worker owns. These workers now retire with 3-5 times more than Social Security would pay, plus they have a retirement estate they can pass along to their heirs. I'll finish by saying to you, and your fellow members of congress this. You have arrived, not at the end of the road, but at a fork in the road - You can no longer take it. IT'S TIME TO BREAK YOUR VIGIL OF SILENCE, AND CHOOSE. I remind you, and your choice will greatly influence my choice come voting time. I hope you make the right choice. P.S. You may view the AFCRA re-Inventing Social Security for our Children, and Grandchildren plan at: www dot realjoearmy dot com or by emaiing - put AFCRA in subject line. AFCRA - It is the dawning of a new day in America - THE PEOPLE'S WAY