Charge all Federal, State, and Local Officials for Derelict of Duty

Over the past weeks when the Black Lives Matter movement began to protest hundreds, most likely thousands committed crimes that were actually caught on camera, such as rioting, breaking and entering, stealing, arson, and injuring innocent people. During this time we witness the State and local officials not only allowing this anarchy to go on, but in many cases encouraged it. It is time for the people of this country to stand up say enough. I call for an investigation at every level to investigate everyone involved and file charges to the extent of removal from office and have all who committed crimes to be brought to justice for their crimes instead of saying its alright, we know you are hurting. Instead some of you want to punish the entire Police force for one man's actions. If you, the elected Congress continue the way you are going, bombarding the Police force, they will all quit. So then what will we do? I guess you will just keep saying its alright as the rioting, looting, killing, and arson go on. Derelict of Duty? Absolutely. No one is above the law.