For the 535 members of the United States congress. Social Security retirement dollars are NOT yours. One year alone $181 B- Billion SPENT - STOLEN - THE MONEY'S GONE. One five year period $846 B - Billion SPENT - STOLEN - THE MONEY'S GONE. They replaced every SPENT - STOLEN retirement dollars with a new dollar of debt that has to be paid again plus interest; now over $2.85 T-Trillion. Special Obligation Bonds are the new debt - The acronym - SOB. Then they use more deceit & deception when they list the $2.85 trillion dollars of SOBs an asset on the Social Security trust fund balance sheet. THOSE SOBs 535 members of the U. S. congress CAN NO LONGER BE TRUSTED with our Social Security retirement dollars to spend. REAL JOE has a plan; The American Family & Community Rebuilding Act - AFCRA begins taking our Social Security retirement dollars out of their hands, and bringing them back to main street America where "WE THE PEOPLE" can keep an eye on them. AFCRA is fully endorsed by Texas Judge Ray Holbrook who was instrumental in getting Tx. County workers out of Social Security, and into worker owned retirement accounts. Judge Holbrook will be a guest on the REAL JOE radio show soon after our 6/25 official launch. REAL JOE has done his home work, and is now calling on millions of his fellow patriotic Americans to do their part, and support the AFCRA proposal that begins restoring millions of our fellow Americans, their families, and the communities we all call home. Find all details at or REAL JOE will be calling members of congress live on the air during the REAL JOE radio show. Tune in to hear response/s when confronted with this theft.