EBT Reviews

EBT SNAP and EBT TANF: 1. Drug Test Recipients 2. Don't give out fraudulent benefits When a woman is fleeing domestic violence, she should be able to continue to receive EBT SNAP after her divorce and not be forced into Human Trafficking because when she lost her husbands' income, then, the total household income was decreased due to leaving her abusive husband and then not only should woman fleeing domestic violence not be forced into Human trafficking but woman fleeing domestic violence should be allowed to receive EBT SNAP while homeless. I wish EBT SNAP recipient eligibility required a drug test, and that the total household income would calculate to what the total household income actual was and is. I finally obtained housing through MS REG. Housing Authority assistance from Columbus, MS, but EBT SNAP in Jackson, MS is involved in FRAUD. The employees are not calculating EBT SNAP properly. And, I am also a physical handicapped woman.