Allow Bars and Resturants to decide Smoking

Smoking Is Your Choice Not a Dictatorship

Posted January 25, 2010

Give Trapped Survivors in Haiti a Chance! Keep the Rescue Crews There!

Rather than sending search and rescue crews home, the U.N. and other agencies should be sending for more, searching block by block in a systematic way with dogs and technology to find any possible survivors.

Posted January 25, 2010

Give us OUR Haggis

We want to be able to import Scottish Haggis from Scotland.

Posted January 24, 2010

Petition for the the U.S. to aid in the rescue and recovery of Victims alive or deceased at the Carribean Market & elsewhere

This petition is also for all victims of the earthquake to ask for help locating and identifying bodies and returning their bodies to their respective families for proper burial

Posted January 24, 2010

Forex Trading & CFTC RULE RIN 3038-AC61

Over Regulation Needs To Stop

Posted January 24, 2010

Sending Bank Bonuses To Haiti

Posted January 23, 2010

House Dems: Pass the Senate Health Care Bill

Urge House Democrats to pass the Senate's version of the health care overhaul.

Posted January 20, 2010

Please Fix the Material Support Bar - 212(a)(3)(B)

Please sign this petition to help Congress to fix the Matrial Support Bar

Posted January 20, 2010

Universal Single Payer Legalcare for All Now!

Demand Affordable Accessible Legalcare for All Americans.

Posted January 20, 2010

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