Every Child reads well by Kindergarden

Please implement this technique that will improve education and save millions of $.

Posted March 17, 2010

Medical Mal-Practice Limits to Save US health care system

Tell Congress to save our health care system by examining the true reason that the cost of medical care and the insurance that covers it.

Posted March 16, 2010


Vote Against The Bill!

Posted March 16, 2010

Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The U.S. has not ratified this Convention, which recognizes the fundamental human rights of children.

Posted March 16, 2010

Support Hydrogen-On-Demand made cheaply FROM WATER--FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN OIL

National Security, boost small-business and innovation, put America back to Work, and protect Earth!

Posted March 15, 2010


Stop Government Control of the health care system!

Posted March 12, 2010

Tell Congress to vote against the health care bill.

The goal of this petition is reach one million votes to stop Obamacare.

Posted March 11, 2010

IRS 5405 - The Relative Clause: Disqualifying Legitimate Home Buyers

We made a legitimate purchase; we want to be treated as a legitimate buyer.

Posted March 10, 2010

Self-defense curriculum needed in our High Schools, NOW‏

Young women should receive self-defense training in public school physical education classes.

Posted March 8, 2010

United States Student Loan

When should garnishment start?

Posted March 8, 2010

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