Workers in private sector and public sectors deserve their income. Another issue: Repeal Title Vii Affirmative Action. My white skin prevented me from being hired full-time at universities-only part time- 30 years at Northeastern University and other adju

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I just wrote the petition and action sought by people who were poor due to federal legislation. Provide justice<br />
to all Americans. Be color-blind. There should be no preference . There should be Opportunities for all<br />
Americans. Had I been hired full time for a job, I would not have had to retrain and end up being a victim of<br />
WEP-GPO, which I knew nothing. Most people do not know anything about it today.<br />
I provided the petition text. Food stamps are not the answer. Jobs are the answer.

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Feb 24th, 2017
Shaunda J. from Virginia Beach, VA signed.
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