why child protection system does not work n is corrupt

stop innocent children being taken by dyfs

My old attorney wrote a book showning how dyfs should b taken apart. Most of the workers hAve way too many cases n most have never took A psychology class. To b a dyfs worker all u need is an associates degree in art history business management n anything other than social work or child psychology. This is an outrage to trust our children who don't have the proper education. N give them the authority to remove our children n destroy loving homes. The book is by a wonderful attorney Margret Holbrook and is called The Emperors New Clothes. Why child protective systems don't work. Its a must read on heartbreaking cases she had where her clients unjustly lost their children. Mrs Holbrook was very much for her clients n not the politics of the vindictive district attorney Victoria A media who was out to win at all costs. When Mrs Holbrook refused to cooperate w Mrs A lmedias corrupt ways out of spite anyone Mrs Holbrook represented they would remove the child as to get the message out she better cooperate. Rather than do that Mrs Holbrook was forced out. My case is in her book on how u fairly I was treated not given a fair trial n my son was taken. I have not seen or spoke to my son in over a year n I wonder what he is going thru. He told Court n bonding evaluator if he didn't come back home n live w his mommy he would kill himself yet they still took him even though 3 bonding experts said this mother n son r

So bonded that to server any n all contact between them would do extreme psychological damage to the child that it could not b mitigated. Dyfs needs to b stopped n sued