We must take action now on silent weapons on us now!

I have been though all types of hurrific attempted murder weapons on me from local police, medical doctors, mental hospitals as mimic with microwave mind control, bio attempt murder in several different ways, gas from underground attacks, many corrupt neighbors also participate and ex military too. Our local Catholic church has everyone's DNA changed and cannot even receive any truth! My FB has been altered, phone tampered with often and now I have been posting signs about what is going on and they get vandilized and yes the police participate! Is huge amount of people involved! I am annointed by God for these dark days of evil with a gift. Y'all can reach me at 3375527243 Daily microwave hits from corrupt neighbors that the police protect. This is a most hurric crime and O know that soon wrongful death attorneys will be busy. God bless all of you and hope this reaches the right people. I at 403 west broussard st broussard la. 70518
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