Voting Privilege

Change the voting age to 30

I firmly beleive that this country would not be in the condition it is if the people who voted for the officials were adults that have paid cell phone bills, insurance, taxes, mortgages, etc. The candidates rely on the young hearts that have not been pushed into the real world for votes. It is well documented that a majority of the voters are young adults that really dont have a solid basis for their voting choice except they liked what the candidate said. Being a young adult many years ago, without full knowledge, I was one of those. Now I know. Most people that are pushed into becoming a member of the paying society change thier views once they realize what is really going on. I dont like the idea of a teenager in school living off mom and dad deciding my future. One exception to this idea would be the men and women in the Military. I believe they should ABSOLUTELY have a voice and thier vocie should be heard. Let's make this happen. Please sign.