Vote YES On Universal Health Care Legislation Now

Univeral Health Care is the only way to go.

Government Owned and Operated Medical Diagnostic Clinics would offer true competition to the private diagnostic clinics that over-charge (significantly) for services such as MRIs & cat-scans. Economics would dictate that the more you use a machine, the less it costs due to the shared base of clients. Private business knows this and keeps the prices set high (in perpetuity) with the realization that the diminishing costs quickly turn into profit once the machine is paid for. This is called 'return on investment' & is good for business; but bad for government.

The current for-profit health care system takes advantage of the citizen by a)tying health care coverage to employment b)tying health care to health insurance management companies and c)creates an industry which thrives off of both the denial of services and claims. This industry also rakes the consumer over the coals by operating under the umbrella of secrecy. Everyone knows that insurance companies & medical service providers operate in secrecy with regard to pre-negotiated rates for services.

Also, it places you square into the center of a financial profibility equation. Not a good mechanism to operate under.

Please join this group. Help me make a better argument here. (I'll revise it!!) Help us stand up and support congress' move towards Univeral Health Coverage (UHC).

Also, please note that Univeral Insurance Coverage (UIC) is not UHC. UIC is just more of the same, only with forced participation for the citizen. I do not support UIC.