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Dear Mr. President I need help please? I fell two stories when I was 2 1/2 and just could not pay attention, stay focused in school, but was loved by all the Teachers and students. I joined the Army when I turned 17 because I do love my Country, but I even failed the test to get in but still got in, but only the National Guards would take me. And I applied to be transferred at BootCamp to the Green Berets but my drill Sargent said he couldn't? Almost one year later a 16 year old kid raped a 17 year old girl at his house party and although I was his victim I was wrongly raised not to tell on anyone to the Police and the rapist had a lot of money and Irish connections and his attorney controlled everyone and I ended up getting probation. Then an old friend picked me up in a car he told me was his grandfathers and later that day he ran from the Police and I was arrested and once again remained silent and because of the rape charge the Judge flipped out and somehow convicted me for stealing the car? I explain everything in my YouTube videos under "Steven D. Auger Sr." and I'm on FACEBOOK, and TWITTER. A new judge violated my probation for the rape probation and I got "20 years?" I was released in 1988 from 1984? I have been good sense then but while on Parole the Parole Department made a "typo" and turned the rape of a 17 yr old charge into "two" rapes of a baby and a child? In 1998 I got a new Parole Officer I was on Parole from 1988-1998 and he and another she, thought I raped a baby and I had a baby and a son around 6 so they violated my parole unlawfully and ruined my ten year relationship that was going to be for life and put me in State Prison and Parole gave the prison the erroneous rape of children paperwork so the guards tortured me trying to make me have a heart attack from 1998-1999 until my original probation Officer demanded Parole release me and they did but then I became a target for destruction by the Parole People and the guards and prison staff that tortured me and tried to kill me. Its all in my videos. Now I am chipped and under torture surveillance 24/7, I have the proof of everything I say. I did not really want anyone to get in trouble because like me they listened to someone and did the wrong thing but they wont let me sleep, I am always fatigued, and they are burning the metal plate on my back so hot its crazy. I was heated 10 times an hour since 2012, but now they want me dead? Please check me out and see if I am a good person? DNA will clear me of the rape charge, and I have 100% proof I did not steal the car one tiny bit? I had two cars, a ten year relationship, a baby and a six year old and the parole Department destroyed my life to hide their mistakes, it just isnt fair. The LORD has been sustaining me through all they have done to me and I really just want my record sealed and a chance to work and grow old with my boys and hopefully hold my Grandchildren. I know they made a mistake but they are zapping my back as I write? I dont know what else to do but ask for help anyway available to me because I tried the Courts and was winning and they used an attorney to destroy all I worked on for for many months? Please check out my videos I am not a criminal or evil or bad person I was just a dumb person trying to please his Dad and had the wrong type of guidance growing up but I turned that around with my children and gave them the love and attention to make them decent, law abiding, God fearing, well liked, passive Americans. Ask those I grew up with about me I would never hurt another human being ever? I just could not tell on the rapist and ended having to take a plea deal and ended up trying legally to clear my name while incarcerated and found out Gov people made mistakes and my life is worth nothing to those who run Massachusetts, the Irish Whitey Bulger Clan? Its true? I love Irish, my children are Irish, I have a tattoo of a Shamrock but ever since the Boston FBI used Whitey (Those FBI involved are still running Massachusetts secretly) to kill and incarcerate Italians and those associated with them, the Justice System, and the High positions in the State House, its true. Through Gov Deval Patrick I freed 13 inmates being held over their release dates in the State Prison. I am a man that cries out to God for Him to take me with Him away from these evil people but God keeps restoring, healing, and helping me righteously seek the help of those who took the Oath to God to be righteous with his children when they need justice. God has done so many miraculous things to keep me healthy, intelligent, and able to keep seeking justice. I dont deserve the slow death they are putting me through if I am guilty of sin against any human being then do Gods will, but if I am not then please do Gods will and brake down their High Places and replace them with men of Honor, like Vets? Because they are using weapons and I am just a poor harmless citizen that can not brake Gods laws and join them or stop them. I have nothing to hide Mr. President. please investigate my videos and my Complaints, Thank You

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Mar 10th, 2017
Steven A. from Everett, MA writes:
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I would not do this 33 years after my conviction if I was not an innocent man, its humiliating but these criminals dressed in suits may target your child or loved one next?
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