Tuscarora Tribal Confederacy: Re-Establish Recognition for Tuscaroras in North Carolina

Sign the Petition to Re-Establish Tribal Recognition for Tuscaroras in North Carolina and to end Tribal political discrimination. Moreover, to request fairness and restore acknowledgment under the law for the Tuscarora Tribal Confederacy in North Carolina. Officially since 1934, many of the Tuscaroras and their ancestors were federally acknowledged and recognized in Robeson County, North Carolina pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act, 48 Stat 986, Sec. 19, enacted by Congress in the authority of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and provided federal services by the U.S. Department of Interior-Office of Indian Affairs (BIA), but the State of North Carolina has unfairly discriminated against the remaining Tuscaroras in the State of North Carolina for years by using interference of administrative bureaucracy, and continued to ignore the Tuscarora families and children who remained in North Carolina for decades.

These Tuscarora families originally migrated from the Tuscarora Reservation in Bertie County, North Carolina years ago to the lower Tuscarora hunting territory in Bladen County, now part of Robeson County, for survival and safety under the protection of these Tuscarora Chiefs indicated in the 1766-1777 Tuscarora Bertie County North Carolina Land Leases: Chief James Blount, Chief William Mitchell, Chief Samuel Bridgers, Chief William Cain, and Chief William Pugh because of the abuse of non-Natives who encroached and stole tribal lands. These 1766 Tuscarora Chieftains who didn't go to New York, obtained and secured Tribal lands for protection from the Royal Crown, King George II, in Bladen and Robeson County, North Carolina allowing Tuscarora families to survive, and remain on the Tuscarora Chiefs' land to the present day.

The Tuscarora Confederation promotes the traditional way of life, the common good of our people, the ability to govern ourselves with our own laws, protect and maintain our tribal culture and preserve the legacy of our ancestors. The Tuscarora Tribal Bands and Communities benefit from collaboration and cooperation on issues of tribal governance, coordination with local, state, and federal government, ensuring representation in national and international venues, and providing a collective voice in matters concerning Indian Country.

It is our belief that this final response to the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs State Recognition Committee will put to end to a 41-year-old battle for reinstatement for state recognition. The Tuscarora people have challenged the honorable Governor Cooper to employ a close watch to ensure the duration of the state recognition process is fair, unbiased, and protected from tribal discrimination and political tactics in the State of North Carolina.

The Tuscarora people have suffered tremendously due to political scrutinizing, tribal discrimination, and paper genocide of our history. The time to end this tribal discrimination is NOW.

The Tribal Sovereignty, Native Children, and Tribal Rights are always top priority for all Indigenous People. Please sign the petition to stop the abuse of almost 50 years of political bureaucracy with the state and federal violations against the Tuscarora Confederacy in recognition efforts. The Tuscarora Nation will continue to fight, like other tribes in the United States. By signing the petition,it will allow the Tuscarora Elders and seven generations to be heard as "One People: One Voice." The Tuscarora Confederacy request the Re-establishment and recognition of the Tuscaroras in North Carolina: Kǎ'tě’nu'ā'kā', Kautanohakau, Akawěñtc'ākā', Kauwetseka, and Skarū'ren.