Dear Congress,

As a US Marine Military Veteran and like so many others, I faithfully served my country with distinction and honor, and I am a veteran of Desert Shield Desert Storm. As a Marine who has served in a hostile environment like so many other military service members. Saying "Thank you for your service" shouldn't be words but be presented in the form of action. So, I plead with you today to take this petition seriously and realize that military veterans no what branch of service who have served in a hostile theater deserve better. Yet, There are barriers of red tape, stiffling veterans from receiving the help and benefits they need to operate within the Civilian Sector. I believe this would cut down on overall national satistics on sucides. Benefits such as Education, Healthcare including mental healthcare, are met with stiff resistance, red tape when in actuality, should not have to stand in line waiting on services that should be readily available . Last but not least, I know you agree that military members make the ultimate sacrifice, and often their commitment has devastating effects long after they leave service. I also believe they should never have to file another tax return as long as they live. Thousands of people run around saying: "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE" HOW IS THE US GOVT OUR COUNTRY THANKING THEM? Well, I am offering an answer to this!


Upon returning home, they should be afforded the opportunity to enter any educational facility in the United States. This would allow the US Miltary to abolish the GI Bill all together. Furthermore, about 80% of military MOSes have a civilian couterpart and sometimes licensing requirements can differ. As of today when this happens a veteran is required to obtain licening on his own dime. When in fact it can be accomplished by on the On-the-Job-Training.


There are many private companies, non profits providing aid to veteran job searchers .. when in fact more emphasis needs to be place well in advance of the separation phase. Today, veterans with service related disabilities have a job preference as it relates to specific federal jobs. Jobs with such entities such as Homeland security, TSA should be offered to veterans since they already have military training they understand process and security and what better way for them to continue to serve their country. US Post office jobs use to be offered to Marines separating today .. that isn't the case and should be.


Military service members returning who have paid the ultimate price shouldn't have to worry about coming home and filing tax returns. Their minds, bodies have already paid a life tax. Service members that have served in a hostile theater of operations should be shown thanks for their service. Never having to file another tax return would show a veteran he's appreciated, and his/her sacrifice wasn't for nothing. Congress you make an annual salary of 164,000 a year, you're given a 3000.00 a year for living away from home. None of this is given to a veteran who pays the hardest hardship of all. I think what I am asking for here is very minimal considering.

Again, Education, Healthcare, Govt Jobs, and never having to file another tax return is something that should be given to every Military Veteran who has served in a hostile environment. IS: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE" Just a cliche or should the country as a whole thank them collectively by honoring the above points. I believe you will see a decline in suicides, fewer homeless veterans, and more veterans being educated and holding down higher-paying jobs!

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