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Stop Workplace Mobbing/Bullying Workplace bullying is a general ganging up by employees targeting one individual in the office, school or factory. The book Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace outlines how one enemy in the workplace can rally other workers to gleefully wreak havoc in the life of their colleague. It can begins with jealousy of an above average worker and then the ridicule starts. a manager feeling threatened by an overachieving subordinate almost always triggers mobbing, since the manager will rally the other employees to ridicule, harass and eventually drive the good employee out. It can also begin with gossip/slander about the individual. (See Below.) Stop Organized Harassment Community Based Harassment aka Mobbing is not new. This type of vigilante behavior has been used widely by the KKK and other fascist groups worldwide. Mobbing is a ganging up by the community against one individual in an attempt to drive the person out. Mobbing symptom number one is slander to the community about the victim. The victim?s private life is exploited in such a way to create the illusion that the person is an undesirable, dishonest, or crazy, someone that needs to be driven from the community. With the popularity of online gossip pages and message boards, a photo-shopped image, or a voice-over, could give credibility to the smear. (Also called, The New McCarthyism, see: The Progressive.) Unveiled and popularized by John Ashcroft in 2002 under Freedom Corps, a system of Neighborhood Snitches was set up to watch selected neighbors for ?Unusual behavior.? Google: Amerisnitch from Peace Corps Online. See ?FISA? and ?Fusion Centers? ACLU website. How it begins: An authority figure may approach important people in the victim?s life, family, friends, employer, neighbors, etc. and claim the victim is under investigation, thus alienating family and friends who are sworn to silence by the authority figure. (See: Indymedia, Miami, What You Can Do.) As soon as the community is convinced, the organized stalking/surveillance begins. If you know of any friends, coworkers or neighbors that are experiencing daily harassment in their lives, please do not be dismissive. They need your understanding and support. Although physical abuse is rare in mobbing, the emotional abuse can cause serious, even life-threatening illnesses. In some mobbing cases, victims have had heart attacks or serious stomach problems as a result. Unfortunately, some people enjoy being a part of these vigilante groups and have no crisis of conscience when it comes to ganging up against an individual. Single women, Teachers, Activists and Writers are often targets. Google, Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace and Community Based Harassment. Also, contact your State Representatives and Congress to create Legislation against Mobbing. Also read: The End of America and You have No Rights. Films: The Map of the World, The Lives
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Apr 28th, 2017
Cory B. from Donna, TX writes:
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I am a victim of mobbing, gangstalking, electronic harrassment, and gaslighting in the Rio Grande Valley. It started at my workplace called "Flamingo Bowl" located at 3301 North 23rd Street in McAllen, Texas 78504. It is owned by Bryan Senker, Alan Senker, and Vero Senker. Bryan used to be my boss- and I was a mechanic there. I started in November of 2012 and left in February of 2016 (shortly after the gangstalking, V2K assaults and harrassment began). One morning around January 1st, 2016, I woke up to the sound of walkie talkie like transmissions being heard while laying in bed. This was new to me and at first I thought there may have been some sort of police sting, but for reasons unknown. It followed me to work there at the bowling alley. Mr. Senker is a large contributor to local law enforcement agencies down here as he has plaques on the wall of the front counter to prove it and many of the bowling leagues there are formed up of police officers and/or sheriff's deputies. Meetings are even held there as I have seen advertised on their Facebook page. The PA system (used to make calls to the back) was "upgraded" shortly before the electronic harrassment began. My coworkers started acting strange around me. As a matter of fact, most wouldn't even speak to me suddenly.? One employee started mopping the floor next to me one day with a strong solvent such as paint thinner by the machine i was working on. I finally couldn't take it any more so I left. The funny thing is that in the parking lot of his business, Bryan Senker has one of those FCC radio towers and is also licensed to use it as verified on their website. Lots of people used to get busted there and most times apparently for no reason. My take on the situation is that he is using the cell phone tower at way above the legal amplification rating to synthesize voice to skull technology which in fact is subliminal mind control as suggestions are made to the people he targets. I used to be that worker who would stand out, and try my hardest to do whatever was best for the bowling alley and would've done anything for the company. For some reason, he and his family turned on me and with their large funding have been able to carry on these assaults on mine and who knows how many others' peoples' minds to drive them either out of their work situation, to the point of feeling helpless, or to act out violence or aggression due to the wide range of frequencies that these towers are capable of emitting. I will not act out. That is what people like them want. I know they are of the Jewish religion or Zionist and am not sure if this has anything to do with their organization. One thing is for sure; They have plenty of money and I'll bet this "system" they have created spurs off into drug smuggling, trafficking, and all other sorts of illegal activities. People are literally being turned into zombies in our communities. I tried to get away from here by going to Austin, Texas and even Abilene at one point. The stalking followed, and seemingly has to do with the local police departments; or maybe it's just certain police officers on the force. The only reason why I came back down to south Texas is because I have two sons from my ex-wife who is now remarried. They are my life. I will make it through this no matter what I have to do. Today, I was assaulted by my own father who I believe is under their influence as well and is the only person I had to stay with down here while trying to get back on my feet. I have been applying to numerous places with no call backs or assistance. Gaslighting is meant to make everyone you know turn against you like your article states. That's what is done wherever I go as they always seem to find some sort of insider under the taking $$$$$. I wonder what rumor they are spreading around town(s) about me. There is nothing I have to hide and this needs to stop. God bless anyone who is going through this and I'd believe you anyday as only someone who's been through this would know what it's like.
Apr 12th, 2017
Nathaniel C. from Helena, MT signed.
Apr 8th, 2017
Lori M. from Rio Vista, CA writes:
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This is my third time signing this petition. I have been a victim since 1997. I have moved several times trying to get this harassment to stop. I have moved from Bourne, MA to Wareham, MA to Hyannis, MA to Portsmouth, NH to New Mexico to Medford, MA, to Centerville, MA and finally to California. This is a national problem and because of the internet it is impossible to get these people to stop. They just post on their websites and e-mail and text each other in the community participating in this police patrol. These people have put soap I'm my food and coffee where I dine. Ingesting soap is extremely dangerous and causes agitation and insomnia. Insomnia eventually leads to paranoia and, for me, this put me in the hospital several times. Once I realized what was going on, I changed where I purchased my coffee and food and am very cautious where I go out to dinner ..... have been fine ever since. These people are crazy and may claim to be Christian but they have forgotten one of the main teachings of Christ: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." This needs to be outlawed. There are laws against this type of mobbing and community based harassment in England and Australia. Time for America to step up to the plate and protect victims from this never ending harassment and torture.
Apr 3rd, 2017
Mohamed S. from Kelseyville, CA writes:
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Antioch Ca I can say now at 29 years old Ive separated from a woman I been with for 13 years, I got a son who's 11 maybe got one more year before hits puberty I haven't seen him in 2 years, I have a 4 year old who barley seen me :( Let's see I haven't seen my father in 6 months last time we spoke his words were quote" your an embarassment to society your out of the will don't come to my funeral please":( :( let's see cut off from all siblings and friends all make fun me even if I met someone the next day they start talking:( I moved to Modesto Alone I just got a good job and my ex started calling me so I would go see her once a week way back 3rd time seeing her someone hits my car I just bought but I had dashcam well 3 days I get into big accident with ford f150 on highway 580 my huyundai was totaled and someone steals dashcam video not that it will matter now Im in Modesto alone :(
Mar 29th, 2017
Larry R. from Aliso Viejo, CA writes:
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I am a targeted individual and the gang stalkers are a cult church, Saddleback church and the Orange County Sheriffs Department
Mar 22nd, 2017
Brian from Denver, CO writes:
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All harassment by communities needs to be put to a stop. Denver Colorado has been very active. My apartment was entered illegally and my clothing and medication were taken. Neighbors seem anti gay and yell from windows. Filed a police report but it took waiting for. Ire than 9 hours and two phone calls to get a response from law enforcement.
Mar 21st, 2017
stephanie b. from Baton Rouge, LA writes:
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I was mobbed (HARASSED) on the job at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS BUILDING (3810) WEST LAKESHORE DRIVE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70803 and that is when my COMMUNITY STALKING, ORGANIZE GANG STALKING, MULTI STALKING, STREET MOBBING, STREET HARASSMENT, ABUSE, BULLY, TERRORISM BEGIN. My formal (NARCISSIST SUPERVISOR at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS Ray Lamonica LAW BUILDING OFFICE (421) 1 EAST CAMPUS DRIVE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70803/ 6434 PIKES LANE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70808(LAW PROFESSOR) (FORMAL LAWYER,DA, FEDERAL JUDGE) (FORMAL GOVERNOR DAVE TREEN PERSONAL LAWYER) sent this force behind my family and I. After I filed with EEOC I was arrested for improper lane usage, resisting arrest as a form of retaliation by LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE while working on the job in the university vehicle. I was also involuntary laid off (FIRED) as another form of retaliation and have been (BLACKLISTED) from finding a job in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE). Another (NARCISSIST) supervisor who have this "GANG STALKING HATE CRIME CONSPIRACY" behind my family and I is John Lombardi (FORMAL PRESIDENT) at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS and co workers Doctor Fred Cerise (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) Doctor Carolyn Hargrave (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) but the "MASTERMIND " is Ray Lamonica (LAW PROFESSOR) at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY (LAW SCHOOL) OFFICE (421) 1 EAST CAMPUS DRIVE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70803. We are under 24/7 ILLEGAL COVERT SURVEILLANCE without committing any crimes because my formal (NARCISSIST) supervisors are abusing their POWER AND AUTHORITY in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) and abroad. LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) COMMUNITY STALKS, ORGANIZE GANG STALKS, MULTI STALKS, STREET MOBBS, STREET HARASS, ABUSE, BULLY, TERRORIZE, innocent WOMEN AND CHILDREN because they do not attack us when we are with the men in the family. My mothers garage was burned down, daughter had metal put in her food at work, home burglarized without a force entrance, car battery on fire, hit with cars, bottles thrown at our heads,etc. My daughter was fired and rehired within a week for giving (ring up) a co worker a store discount coupon this was INTIMIDATION AND INTERROGATION because she was in a room with SECURITY (RETIRED POLICEMEN) who now work for the company. After the INTERROGATION AND INTIMIDATION she was rehired and told she was able to apply (ring up) the store discount coupon for her co worker. We are COMMUNITY STALKED, ORGANIZED GANG STALKED, MULTI STALKED, STREET MOBBED, STREET HARASSED, ABUSE, BULLY, TERRORIZE, BY:(NARCISSIST) FBI, BATON ROUGE POLICE, LOUISIANA LAW ENFORCEMENT, JUDGES, LAWYERS,19TH JUDICIAL COURT,GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS,GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS,POLITICIANS, MILITARY,FIREMEN, AMBULANCE,DOCTORS,EDUCATORS, PREACHERS,POST OFFICE,UPS,FED X,NEIGHBORS,FRIENDS,FAMILY,CHILDREN,STRANGERS,VETERANS,HOMELESS,COMMUNITY,ETC.The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are giving BRIBES,REWARDS,AND BLACKMAIL: EARLY RELEASE FROM PRISON,EARLY RETIREMENT,(NEW)HOMES,HOMES REMODEL,(NEW)VEHICLES,GOVERNMENT BENEFITS,(POLITICAL)JOBS, CONTRACTS, GIFT CARDS, SHELTER,FOOD, MONEY, DRUGS, ETC. The "MINORITY COMMUNITIES" are always talking about RACISM, DISCRIMINATION AND HATE CRIMES but they are willing to participate in GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES for BRIBES, REWARDS, AND BLACKMAIL from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. My formal (NARCISSIST) SUPERVISORS have sent this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES behind my CHILDREN AND ELDERLY MOTHER and now they are TARGETED INDIVIDUALS like me and eye witnesses. They have made an "HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT" every where we go with the help from the "GOOD OLD BOYS IN THE SOUTH. I have family members(WEAKER LINKS) who are participating in my GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES and a lot of them who are not participating but now TARGETS and that is how I have family witnesses. I have plenty of witnesses some who are willing to speak up and some who have been threaten into silence. When did it become illegal to have a MINOR DISAGREEMENT with a co worker are supervisors when people does it all the time and become "MOST WANTED" in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) and we have never committed any crimes a day in our lives. The lady co worker who I had the ORIGINAL DISAGREEMENT with she and I had moved on gotten past the disagreement so when Ray Lomonica and John Lombardi wanted me FIRED, MOBBED(HARASSED) on the job I was SHOCKED how could something so MINOR turn out to be so BIG.Ray Lamonica and other co workers had a DISAGREEMENT with this same lady co worker so when Ray Lomonica and John Lombardi sent this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES in the streets behind my family and I it was a SHOCK AND DISBELIEF. I don't know what Ray Lamonica and John Lombardi are telling the STREET PEOPLE but they think that i am some kind of SNITCH and the PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE think that I am a WHISTLE BLOWER but this is for from the TRUTH I ONLY HAD A MINOR DISAGREEMENT WITH A CO WORKER AND THAT IS IT. Ray Lamonica and John Lombardi with the help from the "GOOD OLD BOYS IN THE SOUTH" have ASSASSINATED my CHARACTER and now they are trying to ASSASSINATE my family and I. Ray Laomonica is over the FEDERAL, GOVERNMENT, STATE, LOCAL, HOSPITALS, PRISONS, CONTRACTORS and his son is over the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT and these children PROFESSIONAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) will kill their own parents to play sports so I know "OUR LIVES DOESN'T MATTER". My mother and I did a YOU TUBE VIDEO:Stephanie Bailey gang stalking to explain some of the GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES we are experiencing but we have plenty more.
Mar 11th, 2017
Nicola N. from Bellingham, WA writes:
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I have been the victim of workplace mobbing more than once. That is a contributing reason for my reliance on Soc Sec disability. I already had PTSD before working. The mobbing only made it worse. I would rather work than be on soc sec but am terrified I will be mobbed again. Besides, the damage is severe.
Mar 9th, 2017
Someone from Chicago, IL writes:
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I'm experiencing community mobbing originating from one address. Now, I believe neighbors have joined in and some, if not all, the police in my community are a part of it as well.
Mar 8th, 2017
Lori M. from Rio Vista, CA signed.
Mar 5th, 2017
Lori M. from Rio Vista, CA writes:
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I am a victim and have moved several times trying to get away from this. The internet makes it impossible to get the mobbing to stop.
Mar 4th, 2017
Chip T. from Gibsonville, NC writes:
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I have Written to Senate Committee's to Monitor Homeland Securities use on Aid to Fusion Centers along with the FBI. Giving these people a lot of funding to follow Americans around in their own communities is outrageous. Fusion Center Thugs have no training and skirt around the Law to openly Follow, Gaslight, Mobbing and any other terrorist type crap they can to harass you with. These thugs even drive rental cars and our tax dollars pay for their gas. Wake up People.
Mar 1st, 2017
Rhoda S. from Clarksville, IN writes:
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I am being electronically tortured by directed energy weapons, as well as all of the above. NSA/CIA are involved. I've been under surveillance since 2013 and have just recently been subjected to these weapons. There are thousands of us out there, possibly millions around the world who are being targeted by their intelligence agencies who are involved in bringing in a world-wide fascist government which will eventually enslave all of humanity. We are just the lucky first round picks!
Feb 28th, 2017
Someone from Los Alamos, NM writes:
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I have experienced community based harassment in los Alamos New Mexico for most of my life around my sexuality. It needs to be stopped.
Feb 27th, 2017
David D. from Fairbanks, AK writes:
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I've been the victim of organized community harassment for about a year. I started to notice odd behavior and occurences. At one point in time, I would rule the odd occurrences out as coincidences. However, I started noticing patterns in the aforementioned occurrences and it became apparent after awhile that I was the target of some sort of smear / harassment campaign. I was and still am constantly surveilled and gaslighted via "street theatre" (based on said surveillance) on a regular basis. For instance, recently I'd eaten a dinner consisting of turnips and catfish and then watched the movie forest gump afterwards. The next day I was eating in an empty resturaunt, and perpetrators of the harassment came and sit in close proximity to me, talking with one another about eating turnips and catfish and watching the movie forest gump afterwards. These seemingly innocent tactics are to covertly let the victim know, that even the things done in the privacy of their own home is known about them. These insidious tactics render these criminals with plausible deniability, so they can continue to operate with impunity. These "occurences" happen continuously. It causes severe stress and anxiety. I recently stopped going into work and lost my job, because the perpetrators started coming into my place of employment, rendering their gaslighting. Something needs to be done. These neighborhood watch/policing groups are getting out of hand and they're ruining lives. Help us.
Feb 16th, 2017
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
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I have been a target of Mobbing in the workplace and neighborhood and it is a unjust way of "punishing" - person and no one should be subject to living that way. It violates the rights of the people and it causes more harm to the development of society. I have been unjustly treated at more jobs than two and I am being followed by numerous amount of people outside of my work. The workplace says that they protect whistle blowers but when they participate they violate that rule. It psychologically damage the target in more than one way and it breaks up communities as well as family. This needs to be ended and bring peace and love to america for the first time.
Feb 13th, 2017
Carolyn K. from Phoenix, AZ signed.
Feb 13th, 2017
Eric Z. from Pittsburgh, PA writes:
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End Community based Harassment / vigilante behavior
Feb 13th, 2017
Someone from Pittsburgh, PA signed.
Feb 6th, 2017
Someone from Menifee, CA writes:
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Jan 31st, 2017
Someone from Kenosha, WI writes:
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if you hold a public office or retired from a public you should not be allowed to take the law into your own hands without being penalized for such corrupt behavior. laws were set up because innocent before proven guilty in a court of law.these people think they are above the law because there is no merit to their behavior. i am just a citizen who has been called all kinds of things that aren't true so they can stalk and ruin your life for their personal a court of law they would not have a chance to win.
Jan 30th, 2017
Jameel R. from Muskegon, MI writes:
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Jan 22nd, 2017
Someone from Houston, TX writes:
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End employee harassment and emotional trauma in the workplace. Fine employers guilty of this protocol and behavior.
Jan 15th, 2017
Someone from Overland Park, KS writes:
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my wife has experienced Community Place for harassment Sixers and physical evidence.we have filed police reports of stalking and have evidence of this yes they have to criticize and continue surveillance.I have discovered cameras and listening devices we have documented.I have photographs of all of this we have provided we support efforts to correct this problem.for those individuals who have suffered similar situations to contact me. You can contact me at ,Trrwalling43@gmail.con. If you have an UltraViolet lens and a decent camera you will be able to these items surveillance you will need to document all your evidence so that you can take legal action against all perpetrators and those who play like they are Law abiding citizens.
Jan 1st, 2017
Someone from Sausalito, CA signed.
Dec 27th, 2016
Renee G. from Irving, TX writes:
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My workplace stalkers now sit in parking lots as opposed to comming inside. Perhaps using text messages. In the past they have used web cams from laptops. One perp in my restaurant, four or five in the parking lot. Still continues for me for whatever reason. I do hope enough people will draw attention to the obvious and we together can file criminal charges on these gang stalkers and community harassment. Best wishes to you and yours. RG.
Dec 23rd, 2016
Someone from Rainier, OR writes:
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i have been targeted by these community groups of bullies. It's been going on for 6 years now and escalated to physical violence to myself and my daughter. These are sick individuals that seem to enjoy abusing others. There is nothing good or positive about this type of terrorism. And it is organized and designed to destroy the victims. There are still enough good noncorupt prople in this world to stop this behavior from community groups that are nothing more than control freaks, whose behavior is exactly like the terrorist groups our country fights against to protect our citizens. These adult organized community groups, Neighborhood watch gone bad, Corrupt law officials, anyone who joins in this horrific crime against other citizens in this country should be prosecuted and yes, we need to contact legislature, state senators, send petitions, contact organizations who fight against this type of behaviour. These adult groups of men and women don't care how bad they hurt you, your kids, your family members, they are the worst types of criminals in our country.
Dec 5th, 2016
Someone from Pueblo West, CO writes:
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For the last several years I have experienced mobbing and emotional abuse where I work. Also outside of work I am surveilled 24/7, my neighbors are harassing me and the police and sheriffs department refuse to help. I now realize what a serious problem this has become throughout the USA. Please put a stop to this horrible nightmare. Thank you
Nov 19th, 2016
Kelly G. from Woodlyn, PA signed.
Nov 18th, 2016
Susan P. from Los Angeles, CA signed.
Nov 17th, 2016
Eddie G. from Star City, AR writes:
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This is happening to me. My mother will die soon because of it.
Nov 12th, 2016
Someone from Chillicothe, OH writes:
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To Whom it may concern: I have in the past experienced nonstop gang stalking and community mobbing which at times almost seemed life threatening and highly intimidating. While it has toned down some it is apparent through my blog and my evidence that community mobbing is a national security issue which needs to be addressed to the Senate and or Representatives. After realizing what our system is doing to me over and over again in 3 states straight I have no doubts that agencies within our system are engineering horrific events all across America since gang stalking according to medical science is linked to nothing good. I hope our government can work harder to monitor agencies that pose a direct threat to our national security and that agencies involved in domestic terrorism and gang stalking abide by local ,state ,federal and International laws. I feel more work need to be done to monitor Fusion Centers and FOIA request should be put in place so that members of community can request FOIA request from Dept. Of Homeland Security and Infragard and any agency operating on tax dolllars that is involved in community mobbing or domestic terrorism.
Nov 11th, 2016
Keith M. from Rockfield, KY signed.
Oct 21st, 2016
Someone from Oceanside, CA signed.
Oct 20th, 2016
Sarena T. from Melvindale, MI writes:
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I am currently a victim of community based harassment that is covert and constant since 2003. I was placed in this harassment program by former Detroit City Council member "Sheila Cockrel" after filing police complaints on false arrest after complaints to city council about "Sheila Cockrel".
Oct 19th, 2016
Dan C. from Lafayette, IN writes:
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These are acts of terrorism. Many fall under rico as well. Start following the law and let agents do your job. All fed hdqrts appear to b too busy rigging the elections
Oct 19th, 2016
Tamara G. from Las Vegas, NV writes:
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I am a victim of Organized Stalking which includes Electronic harassment, workplace and community mobbing.
Oct 19th, 2016
Tamara G. from Las Vegas, NV writes:
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I am a victim of Organized Stalking which includes Electronic harassment, workplace and community mobbing.
Oct 18th, 2016
Someone from Riverside, RI writes:
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I have a daughter and a wife. I have a family. I have baby pictures. For six months at work, I have been abused. My human rights have been taken away from me for six months at the place that I work hard to try and feed my child. It was UPS. That is all I will say.
Oct 13th, 2016
Someone from Eugene, OR writes:
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Please stop harassing me and my family!

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