Stop Wasting Money Investigating the President

With all due respect, I ask that you stop wasting taxpayer money! The chronic investigative fever in Congress is spending money that can be put to much better use.

Rather than paying for everything that is involved with this impeachment inquiry (paperwork, aide salaries, fees for legal documents and services, the heightened security for the private rooms where testimony is happening, and anything else that may be included), you could be financing more benefits for senior citizens, border security, mental health programs, and many other programs which will actually benefit your constituents. You have already spent how many millions of dollars on the 22 month investigation conducted by Mr. Mueller. Please stop spending the money like it grows on trees, and start focusing on meeting the NEEDS of our country.

I realize that you get paid whether President Trump is impeached or not. Please spend your time doing something productive for the country. Pass the USMCA. Pass legislation to reduce the cost of prescription medication. Pass MEANINGFUL legislation to help veterans, senior citizens, and mental health consumers, so that they can get the help they need. Stop wasting our money, and use it to help our nation be great!

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