Stop using my son for your financial gain

I would like to know if certain individuals can stop using my son and the public records of the court system to stop invading my privacy in another state. Beating and molesting my son to gain money in the judicial system is being led by Cara Rowe who uses her legal profession to harass, stalk and invade my privacy. When this person has shown repeatedly that she has no respect for my family I do not think it is in the best interest for her to continuously dictate and communicate over and over that I am a bad mother. She has a problem using other people's children for financial gain and her attacks are not professional and violate the standards of HIPPA she needs to learn how to judge people she knows and not support child molesters. This information was communicated to Demetria Michelle Anderson by the Columbia County Sherriff's Department that my son is being molested and she is defending that. That is sad, especially for a woman. That goes on in Georgia.