Stop tampering with needed franchise fees

March 13, 2019

Dear Senators Feinstein, Harris, and Garamendi :

I am writing to express concern about the FCC’s redefining what a franchise fee is. If this happens, PEG access channels across the United States will no longer receive the monetary support they need to run.

We greatly need PEG access channels because they provide to small towns the government coverage that enables citizens to monitor local government actions, given that we are increasingly under-served by newspapers.

Small towns across the US desperately need this exposure to ensure a diversity of opinion at the local level.

Please see that Congress stops the FCC from trying to re-write the 1984 Cable Act in its rule-making (Docket NR 05-311) that will do away with access for local communities and our PEG channels.


Mrs. Judy Wydick

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