Stop punishing pain patients

As a severe chronic pain patient of more than 28 years I am appalled at the latest developments in the "war on opioids ". Less than 1% of legitimate pain patients ever abuse their pain medications. These medications mean the difference between a life of pure hell with debilitating pain that steals away any joy or function in our lives. Seems to me there is much misguided retoric. The real problem is the steady influx of illicit narcotic tainted drugs flowing over our country. That is the issue that needs dealt with not prescribed pain medications to patients. First of all, I don't believe the DEA and insurance boards should be dictating whrn medicines and doses shoild be restricted to patients. That is the patient doctor responsibility. We are seeing patients being so rapidly tapered or completely cut off medication that allowed them to live with some comfort. These people are being abandoned by pain management physicians and general practitioners who fear that writing thede prescription will cost them their medical licenses or earn them jail time. What are patients supposed to do? Many are committing suicide. Others are seeking out dangerous street drugs. Our national leaders should be hanging their heads in shame. Please reverse these asinine regulations being forced on physicians and patients. I beg you, please end this war on Pain Patients.
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