Stop outsourcing Call Centers for Customer Service to Asia

Customer service reps for US companies should be in the US!

Customer service representatives that have no idea how the product works and do not have any particular knowledge of services, should not be serving customers. If the product is in the US, reps should be located locally. Especially, cell phone carriers should not outsource their Customer service. Tracfone, should hire people in the US, instead of moving call centers to India.

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Dec 13th, 2016
Someone from Woodstock, GA writes:
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It is obvious outsourced call centers should not be handling our personal information. They have no regulatory laws to govern them when they jeopardize and compromise our private information. After the recent IRS scam, it is more evident than ever, you have a responsibility to bring back our jobs and protect our financial borders! Im not sure why anyone in government would accept the endeavor to place America's financial information into the hands of foreign entities but this needs to end! You need to stop selling out to large corporations that arent protecting our economy and accepting tax cuts that are hendering US growtg! What the heck were you thinking?!

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