Stop Mandatory Minnimium Sentencing

give offenders the right to be treated as individuals

Many people feel the use of mandatory minimum sentencing is unfair. It takes away the judges ability to view each case as individual. I have a friend that is spending 10 years mandatory in prison for a pharmacy robbery. He is a great person who made a bad choice. I think not recognizing that he was addicted to drugs and this happened as a result is terrible. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be punished. But TEN years? He has served three and his son is now five. He deserves the chance as a first time, well behaved offender to not have so much time taken away from raising his son. I hear about people who murder or molest that spendess time in prison. It is unfortunate that our country has such a drug problem that people do these things in the first place. But look at them as individuals and don't forget that drugs can influence people to make bad decisions. These people should be punished, but also evaluated and counseled against substance abuse and its effects on the victims and offenders families. To not have a chance at parole when not given a life sentence is unfair and further labeling these people. Also, they become institutionalized and end up going back in many cases due to too much time behind bars. I thank you for your tome and for reading this letter.


K. Flowers