The other day one of my favorite songs came on the radio "ohhh the red white and blueeee". That song always gave me goosebumps! It made me think of all our fallen brothers and sisters, the land we stand on and of course our FREEDOM!
I really loved that song... until...

I notice something odd one day. People acting very funny everywhere I went. Rude, rude people everywhere. This continued and got worse, but I would still hold doors for every woman and anyone over the age of 60, and try my hardest to get a smile out of the hard working citizens I came in contact with. I used to be a people person and LOVED people. The love is still there waiting to come back out.
Well things started getting stranger and stranger. This kept progressing for about 4 years until...
I finally decide to Google why all these strange occurrences keep happening and to my little surprise, there it was, GANGSTALKING. @$%@#!!

Wait a second, what did I do wrong? Why me? I've never hurt anyone. Is it because I cursed out my ex after finding out she cheated on me? Or that one time in 6th grade I got into a fight with Chris Gillis on the playground and got sent to the principles office where Mr. Bradford (our principle) was talking to Tim Allen yes the real Tim Allen on the phone because he went to college with him and it was his birthday, and Tim told me to be a good kid and that he heard I was the best basketball player in the school and have a bright future? Mr. President i am an innocent person..
"Gangstalk my parents if anyone, they're both narcissist! Shoot. Don't come after me", I thought. Its so blatant now its stupid. I'm getting surrounded by 20 random cars in a dark parking lot. My freedom and privacy are stripped. They watch me poop and get mad if I turn the light off. Thats when they bang on the ceiling with whatever advanced high tech gadgets they bought with my tax money. Wait, did I just say that? I did. I'm paying for this @$%!? We are paying for someone to murder us when we didn't do anything wrong.
Let's be real, you guys KNOW whats going on. This sick murder spree. Its so obvious there's NO WAY ON GODS GREEN EARTH YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT IT.
Mr. President how do you have the audacity to just sit there while these gangstalkers torture and kill MY county's innocent people??? I hope you don't think you're going to heaven allowing this to continue. My Father, our father is so mad at you Joe, and you too Trump. Obama, Clinton and who knows how long this stuff has been going on. All I know is that my Father loves me, and you too, will all his heart! and he is so mad at you guys right now. Gangstalking is evil. If I did something wrong prosecute me!
This needs to END right now. I'm not on drugs, I'm not crazy, I'm not a criminal I'm innocent!!!!!! I voted for you man and this is what I get? Technically it would be Obama who started allowed this to start. I'm biracial too talk about black on black crime.

Anyways, I don't like that song anymore. I hate it. I can't even listen to music anymore actually because gangstalkers sabotaged my car I just got done restoring, spread lies about me and ruined all credibility I have in my field of work leaving me without a car and any money to afford a roof over my head.
If for some weird outstandingly strange reason you actually didn't know Gangstalking is real, let me tell you it definitely is. Give me a lie detector test while interrogating me with 100 of your top CIA/FBI detectives and ill smile the whole time without one bead of sweat or a tac in my shoes while looking you dead in the eyes, and be honest.
If you do know of such a program that's being run by a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths, who rape women, steal children and will never be prosecuted because they work for the government, then I don't even have to say anything Mr. President. Nope God will when it comes judgement day. "Joe, you had the power to stop Gangstalking, you knew it was going on and you LET it continue, see that big pit of fire with your name on it, that's your new home. My son here, Joshua, your brother, said he wrote you a letter begging to let all my precious children suffering from gangstalking to live in peace Joe, and you did nothing. Joe, make like a frog and leap! - God.

Eternity in hell is going to suck and I promise on my doggie thats where your going if you don't stop this. Please stop the murder, rapes and kidnappings of innocent people in America. Don't condone this despicable nasty evil activity anymore. Don't pay these thugs out of our own tax money. This is ridiculous!!!! And I want my money back!!

Thanks for reading. I'll probably be dead by Tuesday. .. p.s... these same people killed my mom in 2003. She wasn't crazy either. She didn't have schizophrenia. It was the gangstalkers and I want revenge Joe. Revenge before they kill me for no reason