Stop the cruel separation of children and mother

My children 4 yrs&10months got removed by a request to dispense with removal order with sworn statements are false. On 11-2-18 my son got removed 4 days before turning 4 I was 8 months pregnant. My daughter was born 12-16-18. My daughter was then detained on 01-22-19 my daughter got removed from my custody while I was at rehabilitation for drug and alcohol. She was released to me on 01-25-19, my son followed by 02-07-19. I finished my rehabilitation parenting classes anger management domestic violence etc. My appointment attorney does not help nor intend to. My child got removed 10-01-19 3pm the social worker didn't conduct a risk safety test, my rights are being violated my some acting under color of law. False statement allegations based on sole analysis not the one of unfit parent . I am the only voice for my children please help me with this injustice and cruelty act against our family
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