Stop Animal Abuse in the Russian Federation

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We are asking that you address the issue of lawlessness in the Russian Federation concerning the barbaric and inhumane treatment of domestic and wild animals. all information concerning these atrocities is readily available. Contact {}

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Jan 31st, 2016
Someone from Bedford, TX writes:
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Please on behalf animal race and for GOD's sake STOP THE TORTURE. PLEASE !!!!! SAVE THESE HELPLESS SOULS. Animals are a beautiful gift given to us to embrace the beauty of them by GOD. END THIS TORTURE !!!! Give them a LIFE to live. You will only see sadness and pain in their eyes. PLEASE BEG OF YOU PUT AN END TO SUCH CRUELTY!!!!! SAVE ALL ANIMALS !!!!!
Apr 25th, 2015
Someone from Los Angeles, CA signed.
Apr 13th, 2015
Someone from San Antonio, TX signed.
Mar 11th, 2015
Someone from Westborough, MA signed.
Jan 5th, 2015
Someone from Anniston, MO signed.
Jan 5th, 2015
Someone from Westfield, PA signed.
Jan 5th, 2015
Someone from Mount Saint Joseph, OH signed.
Jan 5th, 2015
Someone from West Falls, NY signed.
Jan 5th, 2015
Someone from Toms River, NJ writes:
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Jan 4th, 2015
Someone from Madison, MS signed.

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