Separate Country For African Americans

To Achieve Self Actualization

Without a separate country 43 million African Americans cannot achieve self-actualization in

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Oct 15th, 2016
from Lewisville, TX writes:
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I find it quite ironic that after working so hard to eliminate segregation, and separation you now want to have your own separate country. And I'm guessing that you want us to pay for it. I think the better route would be to work on fixing what is really causing the problems and try to get along and work together.
Aug 26th, 2016
Someone from York Haven, PA writes:
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I believe there is a black country. You want your own country that's fine, but not within the United States. You go somewhere else to have your lawless country, and have everything handed to you. But not on the United States tax payers dime.
Aug 10th, 2016
Someone from Kinston, NC writes:
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Let them have a Black country if they want one so bad. Although why they have to have the governmnet's approval is veyond me. I doubt all 43 million want their own county, but if they want one, they can go start one somewhere. They don't need our permission.

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