Secure, Accountable, and Fair Elections (SAFE) Act

The elections in the 21st century have been marred with perceived and real election fraud. This is because our ballots are vulnerable. It's time to secure our election by securing the ballots, and the most secure and accountable ballots are fingerprinted paper ballots. One Voter, One Finger Print, One Ballot, One Vote. The finger print ensures the voter is a valid registered voter. The fingerprint maintains voter anonymity (no one can look at a finger print and identify the voter) Securely storing the ballots ensures any challenges to an election can be easily recounted and resolved. Ballots can be mailed in, dropped off at ballot boxes, or cast in person providing maximum flexibility for states to conduct elections. This act will restore Americans faith in the election process and be a guiding light to the rest of the world as a beacon of freedom.