save samiah pautsch

my daughter samiah who's 6 was tooking away well I was in stirrt woman's program foe 21 days and she was in my grandmother's custody and they took her out from Colorado and into Massachusetts to her father she hardly knows him and now I'm in mass trying to get her back and no-one is helping me or letting know anything not dcf not the judge not the father and in either states and I'm having to hire a lower which I really can't afford I've raised her since birth and she has lived with me in the state of Colorado since she was 4 months old and I'm begging for someone to help me in stuck and I can't give up on her she's being abused brain washed and have all the evidence and the judge will not listen to me nor will dcf can someone please help contact me or 970-762-8660 thank you it's greatly appreciated.

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