Revisit court cases that were adjudicated by judge. Aviva K. Bobb and correct the injustice that she has committed

It has been well documented that judge Aviva K.Bobb, destroyed many Los Ángeles family’s lives in her court room during her Los Angeles probate term by robbery and while under the color of law. People lost everything because of this corruption and now with the BRITNEY Spears case . BRITNEY was admitted into a a conservatorship fraudulently which started in 2008 and lasted 11/12/2021 judge Penny finally released. Ms Spears only because if the attention that was brought to this case and this court that for decades has robbed and murdered U.S. citizens . Hundreds of errors in the BRITNEY case alone . The people of the United States have worked their lives off and for what ? To have judge Bobb rob them? The case of the estate of Juan S. Lopez BP105939. Isela lopez administrator by petition has degree in paralegal studies and used her knowledge of the law to keep her family away from probate court where she aligned herself with corrupt officers of the court and robbed our mom of all her properties and the heir of any future inheritance. We had all asked if we needed to appear in court and Isela said no it’s just a formality… and again because of her paralegal degree we had no reason to distrust her. But when she tricked my mom from attempting to establish a living trust Isela instead tricked her into signing all of her properties over to Isela
Civil complaint was filed against Isela and during the discovery much information that was never told to us began. To surface but the case. Lopez vs Lopez #NC061615 filed in Los Angeles superior court on 2/6/2018 resulted the continued corruption of the officers of the court and fraud upon the court was committed and achieved a fraudulent settlement which may not be discussed … what can be said is the penal violation committed by Isela are being hidden with this fraudulent settlement. The law states the criminal activity can not hide behind settlement and must be tried in a court of law . We opposed the settlement on 8/2/2019 and proposed to continue to bench trial due to concealment and forgery and the committed fraud upon the court by our attorneys for the plaintiffs of record and by defendant Isela lopez file by Rodrigo plaintiff on 8/2/2019 exparte hearing and the judge Marc C. Kim denied our pleads only to be thrown out of court by the court agent .. both Rodrigo and my 81 yo mother Maria were thrown out of court for reasons unknown and a pending appeal is showing altered documents previously filed and some that were never file have appeared in the docket. There’s has been no justice in this country. We were a Latino working family we worked hard for what we had and my mom carried us when my dads business started to fail it was my mom skills that brought home the money. Isela left at 17, and we found so many errors including the search for deeds that she never produce in probate … it was just her word they took and now the same infrastructure will not bring justice … this country. The only one we know and nothing but lies to the people … The court system is the ones responsible.. When I began to help my mom retrieve her properties this infrastructure began to retaliate, I was forced out of my job of 30 years at the usps that I worked since I was 19. Robbing me of my retirement. They falsified recorded and I was falsely accused of an incident that was not properly investigated. And was wrongfully terminated… I was brought back only to have the new recruits attempting to crush my legs with postal vehicles which was reported but I decided my life was more important. When I tried to get work else where the places I applied who did a background check and called my previous employment, they were unable to give me a reason why I could not be hired . As for the civil case we tried every outlet to seek assistance. 4 law firms all committed fraud , it is unknown if their intentions were planned or influenced as they began . But it’s. Clear That we have been blackballed by every corner of our life …. The investigation has led us to others who have lost everything and no one has ever found justice .. there is over 600 million dollars missing from Britney estate and I doubt that anyone will ever be held accountable because the judges received their Sbx-211 supplemental bribe A’s in my dads probate case Isela claims to have paid probate attorney 30,000. But he was said to be her personal attorney who also doesn’t exists his bar number has been inactive since 2012 .. no record of his death and documents filed by this attorney have my sister hand writing . There is also a minute order that states it is alleged that property was sole possession but how ? My mom married my dad in 1965 and all the properties were bought during their marriage. Isela never produced any deeds in probate court and judge Bobb accepted her bribe of 30000. Which gave Isela immunity from all her criminal activities. We went to file a police report 5 times we were denied but recently we gave it another shot and this time the report was take but it only state that value if less than 5000$ and only one victim. When I tried to legally we tried and it’s all a big joke


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