Reparations Action Demand To :Rich Neal, Chairman, Ways and Means

Ed Ryan, Candidate Mayor LA 2022

Edward L. Ryan
71 South Gless Street
Los Angeles, CA 90039

June 6, 2020
Congressman Richard Neal
Chairman, House Appropriations Committee
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
202 225-5610

Dear Rich,

This letter is from a loyal constituent and political ally hoping to convince you to do the right as Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee regarding reparation to African Americans descendants of slaves. Slavery’s poisons evil has amplified through the centuries. Slaves had their wealth ripped from their souls and had, thus had no “seed” wealth for descendants to inherit. The result is utter poverty and mass incarceration for most black Americans. Los Angeles Skid row is home to thousands of Blacks forced to live in tents on the sidewalk diseased rats crawling from the sewers to feast on gutters filled with garbage and human waste.

I’m running for Mayor of LA 2022 after moving here in 20213 and doing Political organization confronting the LAPD’s racism that denies LA voters representative democracy. 40 and 50 District City Council already is in place in both NYC and Chicago, but not LA, still under the lash of corruption. LA people suffer injury from unindicted corrupt actors as LA’s FBI mostly fails the people of LA. Racism that runs rampant through the entire LA Criminal Justice system, and literally, there is no justice in LA, please help us.

In D.C., your position as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee places you in an excellent position to deliver tangible results of fair reparations paid to black America. I know you well enough to ask that you now use your full congressional power as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. In fact, I believe deeply that political leaders like you who are position to end racism will be defeated if they are perceived as not “all in” in the fight to end racism.

African American Poverty rates are extreme because slavery stole wealth that should have passed down. Instead a one percent class hijacks that wealth, using some of it to fund military and civil police class to protect. The reason why American Criminal justice is considered racist is because it protects the racist crimes of slavery and “Jim Crow:

Rich, the only alternative to fully helping to battle for reparations is to support America’s military industrial class of oligarchs. Please do not do that in any way, shape or manner. It is wrong to help the evil of the oligarch/military class at all. Their anti-democratic police state corruption is literally killing America. This is a very important, even existential issue for you sand other congressional leaders. Work hard, chose the best strategy and make reparation to happen. Voters will reward you because they are fair. We need to pay those stilled harmed by the fact that no inherited wealth because that wealth was ripped from the souls of ancestors. The Bottom line is to the attain tangible results delivering reparations. Anything less will no longer be acceptable. Doing nothing and mouthing the right words will lead to political defeat in Septembers primary.

Rich, don’t shy away and become the aging (no offense, I am too.) white male, congressional leader trying to play it safe by staying away from this fireball issue. if you do, you will lose the primary, and that will be your legacy. however, do the right now and as Chair of Ways and Means, then it’s all gravy for you. A great career, a great legacy. Seriously, start the ball rolling on reparations and you will go down in history as a social hero, a person with the courage. You will be known as a friend of the people who is all about doing the right things to fundamentally end racism.

Right now, America needs you to save it from from greed inspired racial implosion. Richie, you need to stand up to the oligarch military industrial complex and fight to their death if necessary.

Yes Rich, it will be tough, because you will have to oppose the class of corporations and individual s who have generously contributed to your political war chest. But you can do it, you can do the right thing. No corporate political contributor has the right to own you. In fact, let that happen and you are doing as a public servant. That’s what my dad always said, and he’s still respected as a totally uncorrupted politician.

The one percenter American ruling class from the ivy League and employed at the CIA and NASA etc. will team with their military industrial complex to try a squelch. Yes, it will hurt because you will be against the even the CIA because they that finances Silicon Valley oligarchs who profit hugely from creating evil technical application to do surveillance, to imprison, to torture warp and degrade.
Richie, either stand-up to them, and win reparation for American blacks, or hang back and play it careful, and get defeated. On this issue there is little middle ground.
Rich, you must help big on the reparations issue to survive politically. America will not be controlled by a few filthy rich socio-paths oligarchs working hard to foist a poisonous racist system of police control, so they can maintain the racist status quo. Political leaders like you rich need to understand that regular Americans have figured it out, and they will die before they live life doing utterly degrading things to fellow humans required to maintain a status quo that only helps oligarchs stay rich and powerful.

Most people like the truth, sand the truth is we now can wipe out global poverty and guarantee everyone born dignified lives of enlightenment and social justice. This can be accomplished if this the world’s people would come together as one political unit. One world means no resources used on weapons, and incredible technology flowing from education for all. It is the only way for this earth to will certainly reap tech benefits.
A world wit A world of regional decentralized democracy. One world government that is government freely by regional parliaments. As A matter a fact, when the LA City council is reformed and has 40 or more councilors, it would make a great model in miniature for the decentralized parliaments.
Rich, you will not be alone in the fight to make reparations reality. Rich we can win this, and what a victory for right and justice it will be The fact is , we have to get socially radical across the board and run the economy based on the concept of ‘social justice”, and not blind economic profit.
I’m looking forward to spending the last two weeks of august in Western MA and am more than happy to campaign and fund raise to insure your victory in Septembers Democratic primary. At that time perhaps we can meet and further discuss these issues
All the Best to you and yours.

Ed Ryan

Ed Ryan, the LA Activist, Attorney and Political writer for “Social Justice” now running for Mayor of LA 2022 as the LAPD, once again seeks to “wrongfully incarcerate” with a corrupt warrant issued from a very corrupt LA criminal court. that has no problem with LAPD vigilantes skewing the truthfulness of LAPD police reports knowingly used by a corrupt LA City Attorney Office to gain racist conviction at any cost. warrant for his arrest. Contact Ed Ryan,

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LA Protesters, “Courageous Warriors for Social Justice”. My heart is with you all. We are going to tear the LAPD down and re-build it into the finest “Modern Policing Department’ on Earth. We will show the world how to police without Militaristic corruption. We will eliminate the things about LAPD that make it an abusive and evil system. Reform will happen to end the military trappings of the LAPD. The new and reformed LAPD can make real changes so that police officers in LA are part of the community, and it is no longer “us vs them. We can eliminate the use of military rank and end the days of being policed by people in military garb. We can allow the young to be part of the LAPD command brass by choosing solid “rank and file” officers to lead. The LAPD will no longer be commanded by officers so jaded by age; they are haters hating. We will re-claim our government by expanding the LA City Council to 40 by district. Los Angeles Government needs to be transformed to “Government For, and By the People”. LA Charter reform increasing the size of the LA City Council will go a long way in allowing towards granting LA voters powers of local democracy already granted to voters in NYC and Chicago. The transformative empowerment of uncorrupted “local democracy” can make the LAPD into what the good people of LA deserv. The LAPD a model for “Modern Policing” for cities across America and around the world to emulate. This can be done; it must be done. Please help me empower LA voters with democracy. Please support my efforts to expose LA political corruption, and to expand the LA City Council to 40 by district and end LA City Hall Feuer do it. Thank You and stay safe.

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