Remove Gender Identity from the Equality Act

Dear Members of Congress:

The Equality Act (H.R.2282, S.1006) proposes to redefine sex across all federal laws to include “gender identity,” an unprovable assertion based on one’s feelings. We request that “gender identity” be removed from the Act, which specifically prohibits health care services from discriminating on the basis of “gender identity.”

Clinicians must be permitted to consider biological sex when providing psychological and medical care.

We, the families, physicians, and therapists of transgender-identifying young people are concerned about the dangers this will cause. For supporting evidence of these dangers, please read:

The facts:

The number of gender-confused children has grown exponentially in recent years. According to a recent survey, 12% of young people assert a “gender identity,” such as transgender or nonbinary, that does not match their biological sex.

In less than a decade, the number of girls seeking treatment in the UK rose by more than 4,000 percent, as did the number of pediatric gender clinics in the US.

Evidence shows that “gender identities” among young people are often the result of social contagion, social media, and/or underlying comorbidities.

Once students adopt a new “gender identity,” many schools will change their names and pronouns without notifying their parents.

Teachers who refuse to comply with these ideologically-based mandates are at risk of losing their jobs.

Therapists are trained to affirm a child’s “gender identity” and to ignore signs of social contagion or underlying issues like autism.

It is impossible for anyone, including the children themselves, to predict whether their “gender identities” will persist into adulthood.

A common treatment protocol for children consists of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause serious and irreversible side effects, including infertility.

Some clinicians use manipulative tactics to encourage parental compliance with medical treatment.

Parents who question their children’s new identities may be reported or lose custody of their children.

Many stories of transition regret are emerging, but only time will tell the full extent of these medical harms.

If the Equality Act becomes law :

Therapists may fear the legal repercussions of exploring reasons why a child might wish to identify as the opposite sex.

Physicians will be pressured to provide untested, risky medical treatments to transgender-identifying children.

Parents will be unable to find proper therapeutic support for their gender dysphoric children that does not involve automatic affirmation or medical intervention.

For the health and well-being of our children, we respectfully request removal of “gender identity” from the Equality Act.

Families, Physicians, and Therapists of Gender-Confused Children

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Public Comments (88)
Mar 9th, 2019
Someone from Virginia Beach, VA writes:
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Transagenda is socially constructed ! Obvious Blatant Evil Agenda.
Mar 7th, 2019
Valerie B. from Vancouver, WA writes:
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The protection of women and girls is more important than pandering to a small group of people suffering from the mental illness of Gender Identity Disorder. Those suffering GID deserve compassionate, and appropriate, mental healthcare services. It is not appropriate however to feed their delusion that they can change sex by "indentifying" as a member of the opposite sex. Places where this has been allowed, women and girls have suffered harassment, abused, and other harms. Remove "gender identity"!
Mar 7th, 2019
Betsy S. from Beverly Hills, FL writes:
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Children are not experiments. Everyone should be alarmed by the 4000% increase in girls with gender dysphoria. This is outrageous. Girls and women are taped and sold into slavery. In the USA we still don't have equal pay for equal work of men. Parents get to explore support and treatment. They must protect their children. Puberty blockers and sterilization are not the first line of defense. Children's brains are not fully developed until the mid 20s.
Mar 7th, 2019
Someone from Portland, OR writes:
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You all are infuriating. Let kids experiment. Wouldmt you rather have your child be happy than miserable? If being transgender or transsexual makes them comfirtable with who they are, let them do it.
Mar 3rd, 2019
Someone from Salem, OR writes:
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I’m aghast that there are so very few questioning this epidemic of young girls indetifying as trans boys. I’m liberal, but this is blurring the lines of what is and isn’t appropriate medically and with mental health practitioners. Children and teens shouldn’t be allowed to make such a life altering decision without parental input, well thought out therapeutic support, and more scientific study into the issue. Please help us parents who are struggling to help our children with little to no support!
Feb 14th, 2019
Someone from Portland, OR writes:
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Biological sex does NOT equal gender identity and it should NOT be written into law that these are the same. They are not. Biological females must retain our Title IX protections in the law. Trans-identified males are not female and should not be treated as females in the law. This is unfair and sometimes even dangerous to women and girls in Women's shelters, dressing rooms, and in sports competitions, among other situations.
Feb 10th, 2019
Ma I. from Smithville, TX writes:
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This gender identity ideas are destructive for our children
Feb 5th, 2019
Someone from Allston, MA writes:
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As a college student, I feel strongly about the protection of women under title IX. If the equality act is passed, Congress is telling me and my female friends that our concerns don't matter and biological sex is irrelevant. Ignoring biological sex won't end misogyny, it will perpetuate it.
Feb 5th, 2019
Someone from Saint Paul, MN signed.
Feb 5th, 2019
Someone from Rowland Heights, CA signed.

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