Remove Gender Identity from the Equality Act

Dear Members of Congress:

The Equality Act (H.R.2282, S.1006) proposes to redefine sex across all federal laws to include “gender identity,” an unprovable assertion based on one’s feelings. We request that “gender identity” be removed from the Act, which specifically prohibits health care services from discriminating on the basis of “gender identity.”

Clinicians must be permitted to consider biological sex when providing psychological and medical care.

We, the families, physicians, and therapists of transgender-identifying young people are concerned about the dangers this will cause. For supporting evidence of these dangers, please read:

The facts:

The number of gender-confused children has grown exponentially in recent years. According to a recent survey, 12% of young people assert a “gender identity,” such as transgender or nonbinary, that does not match their biological sex.

In less than a decade, the number of girls seeking treatment in the UK rose by more than 4,000 percent, as did the number of pediatric gender clinics in the US.

Evidence shows that “gender identities” among young people are often the result of social contagion, social media, and/or underlying comorbidities.

Once students adopt a new “gender identity,” many schools will change their names and pronouns without notifying their parents.

Teachers who refuse to comply with these ideologically-based mandates are at risk of losing their jobs.

Therapists are trained to affirm a child’s “gender identity” and to ignore signs of social contagion or underlying issues like autism.

It is impossible for anyone, including the children themselves, to predict whether their “gender identities” will persist into adulthood.

A common treatment protocol for children consists of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause serious and irreversible side effects, including infertility.

Some clinicians use manipulative tactics to encourage parental compliance with medical treatment.

Parents who question their children’s new identities may be reported or lose custody of their children.

Many stories of transition regret are emerging, but only time will tell the full extent of these medical harms.

If the Equality Act becomes law :

Therapists may fear the legal repercussions of exploring reasons why a child might wish to identify as the opposite sex.

Physicians will be pressured to provide untested, risky medical treatments to transgender-identifying children.

Parents will be unable to find proper therapeutic support for their gender dysphoric children that does not involve automatic affirmation or medical intervention.

For the health and well-being of our children, we respectfully request removal of “gender identity” from the Equality Act.

Families, Physicians, and Therapists of Gender-Confused Children

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Public Comments (99)
May 17th, 2019
Inna L. from Vancouver, WA signed.
May 13th, 2019
Pablo C. from CHICAGO, IL writes:
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The Equality Act is all about government expansion under the guise of equality. It will be illegal to oppose the government's imposed religion of "transgenderism". Gender identity cannot be measured, identified or seen; it depends explicitly on belief.
May 3rd, 2019
Anne T. from Millville, NJ writes:
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Removing the persistent and concrete definition of sex from legal protections serves only to remove those extant legal protections when a person's sex becomes a moot point in favor of their "identity." Sexual assault does not care about identity. Homosexual rights don't care about identity. The concept of identity reinforces the same gender roles that were at the core of eugenics. Reliance upon and compulsion for a person to choose their identity is insidious: it makes sex-based offences impossible to address and demands that each person be complicit in their gender role, just the same as saying that a good woman is a happy housewife and has no ambitions to a man's status or responsibilities like a career. The extension of this down to children is nothing short of abhorrent. Consider what things we believed as youths that we now find patently ridiculous, and consider how impressionable and headstrong children and teenagers can be. I certainly was, and one only has to look at internet culture to see that this is a universal trait. We don't allow children in the military or to drink alcohol -- why? They cannot yet make decisions on the scale of potential life-or-death circumstances (i.e. in combat or regarding amount consumed and actions taken when under the influence), and we do not want to risk our youths' health and futures. For these same reasons, this bill should be rejected no matter its progressive sounding title. SRS is sterilization. It damages the body for years or decades to come, and is fundamentally dangerous to their health. Anorexia is not treated with liposuction. No child or teen is comfortable with their body or even their personality yet, and the answer to this period of growth should not be medical intervention but rather community. Involvement in group activities offline, enfranchisement in society, and tolerance for the difficulties and vagaries of growing up in the internet age compounded on the changes they experience throughout teenage years in both body and mind.
May 2nd, 2019
Someone from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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Not only will this affect children, but it will affect women too. Men who identify as women will be allowed a free pass into women only space (like rape relief shelters, domestic abuse shelters ((where many of the victims are female with male abusers)), sports, etc). It's already happened in the UK where men who identify as women have gotten women arrested for misgendering them or deadnaming them. Rape will rise, domestic abuse will rise, assault will rise - this is not a female forward bill. It will put women and lesbians in very real danger.
May 2nd, 2019
Oralia L. from Chicago, IL writes:
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This bill will affect children at their most critical developmental stage when they have to learn parameters. Our job as parents is to get them through life understanding the value of temperance and self respect. Additionally, no consideration is given for anyone suffering psychological issues which will not go away by feeding into their psychosis.
Apr 25th, 2019
Someone from Allentown, PA writes:
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This whole transgender movement is insanity. Our whole culture is being ripped to shreds. Please speak out before it's too late.
Apr 14th, 2019
Someone from Mandeville, LA writes:
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I ask that all aspects of how this bill will affect children, especially girls, women, and society as a whole be taken into serious debate. Passing legislation that will make self identifying one’s “gender” a protected class under anti discrimination laws will pose immeasurable ambiguity to how we as a society function. Also of dire concern is the horrific unethical medical harm being done to children, teens and young adults. Unless you have a loved one that has been hijacked by this trans ideology, the power, and damage being done by this movement is is this happening in America?
Apr 11th, 2019
Kym H. from Plainfield, NJ signed.
Apr 1st, 2019
Michael K. from Redding, CA writes:
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As a psychologist in private practice for 25 years, I find it mind-boggling how politicians and even therapists have allowed progressive lies from SIECUS, Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign to cloud their judgment. A pediatrician friend predicts massive medical malpractice lawsuits when 11 year olds grow up and realize they had never had the maturity, wisdom or life experience to give "informed consent" to the ultimate mutilation of their bodies.
Mar 31st, 2019
Someone from Liberty Twp, OH writes:
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Children should not be given hormones and life altering surgery. It is unethical and against nature.

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