Reclassify Bad Actors and remove tax and legal protections

States and the Federal government have the power to prosecute corporations and individuals within the organizations that were abusive, reckless, or committed other violations of law as needed when illegal conduct is uncovered. Tax-exempt or other legally protected entities should be no different.

It's time to level the playing field in this country and stop allowing churches, political action committees, and other legally protected entities from getting away with whatever they want without any legal repercussions, especially when the organization uses the legal protections to shield themselves from justice.

For example, the Catholic and Mormon churches (examples only, many "churches" do this) use their tax-exempt status to acquire properties, companies, and even stock/investmants all under the control of the church and only to increase the money and power/influence of the particular church, while being used at the sole behest of the leaders of said church. Once a church starts operating like a business, it should be treated like a business and taxed as such, and subject to the same legal standards.

in addition, when abuses are documented as happening within these organizations and evidence shows the abuse or other legal infractions were well known in the leadership of the organization, the organization itself and the leadership should also be considered accessories to the illegal behavior and should be stripped from them and the organization and legal proceedings should follow accordingly.