Protect the RIGHTS of Voters!

An Amendment to the Constitution to eliminate voter manipulation.

The questions raised during every election cycle regarding eligibility to vote seem to ?oddly? occur mostly in areas that some special interest group wants to ?control? the outcome of an election. As immoral and underhandedly fraudulent as this is, IT IS PRESENTLY LEGAL.

This needs to change.

Every citizen has the right to vote; men and women have stepped up to serve, fight, and die for our country and our way of life. For someone with a selfish interest to attempt to subvert that is to spit on the graves of our noble martyrs.

This needs to stop.

I am therefore proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will cement the rights of voters in place, and eliminate the devious tricks of those who would defraud our entire nation for no good purpose.


1. No state official, or any individual or group, may challenge the legitimacy of a citizen?s right to vote except during the first 12 months following a presidential election. Neither may any new requirements for registration be imposed at any time outside the first 12 months following a presidential election.

2. Citizenship may be required to be established or verified by each state only at time of voter registration. The process of voter registration shall be available to all citizens except for the time of legally authorized voting for a presidential election. (In other words, the only time a person cannot register is after polling has opened for the state where that citizen lives.)

3. The process, and requirements, for voter registration is reserved to individual states, with the above requirements observed.

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Nov 10th, 2012
Someone from Theodore, AL signed.
Nov 10th, 2012
Someone from Houston, TX signed.
Nov 9th, 2012
Someone from Southaven, MS writes:
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Election 2012 has been determined; the people have spoken, this is the will of a free and democratic people. But there are questions which arise that call into doubt results, which, unless pursued endanger the future of this country as a government ruled by consent of the people. Voting fraud has been present in numbers that far exceed any seen in the past. Many states have enacted their own laws to avoid this, namely voter ID laws, but the Federal government takes it upon itself to block the will of the people in this matter to carry out its own preference, making ineffective the states will. The military has been repeatedly ignored or gone uncounted. Polling stations have closed before allowing the vote of those in line, as in Florida, even after agreeing to allow all votes. Advertisements have been set up within the voting area, respecting a particular candidate, black panthers have been allowed to intimidate voters, and other poll watchers have been rejected, all unlawfully. We now are asked to accept laws so numerous and lengthy as not to be understood by the common man. Instead of recognizing the equality of the citizens or their representatives, we are put under the restraints and regulations of those unelected 'experts', who interpret bills too large or complex to be understood by any other, giving them greater power than our elected officials and putting into danger the separation of powers our Constitution mandates. Bills are kept from even going before Congress by manipulations never intended in forming of its branch, effectively cutting off any opposing voice, or any voice but their own. Amendments are limited, forcing our representatives to either accept that bill as is, or reject ones they might very well have supported, but can not, in good conscience do, in the form they are presented. The government breaches its oath in the protection of our security and welfare by risking our wealth and prosperity in the frequent raising of our debt limit, while failing to work under a budget. More importantly, it holds the lives of our military in its hands irresponsibly, holding back defense where its very assigned authority requires action, notably, in our embassies, then keeps secret, both in speech and hearings, any information regarding these. The government has not only withheld informative in these matters, but actively distorted these matters, placing the interest of the people below that of their own and the lives of these citizens. A media which has a greater responsibility than that of its own preference, has a duty to report news in a timely and fair fashion, and also a responsiblity to investigate these news, reporting it fairly and rationally. No voice should ever be cut off, nor should opinions be stifled, but news sources Americans depend on for truth and fact should be just that, neither suppressed in timing or limited in truth. I believe these circumstances have not only had a hand in flawing the el

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