HR Bill, H.Res.72 - Rejecting anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred in the United States and around the world, was passed in the U.S. House which ends our right to free speech in the form of criticism against Jews, Muslims, etc., whether right or wrong. Not only does this bill sought to end free speech for Americans but Congress has the nerve to use this bill as an excuse to ban free speech not only in America but throughout the entire world. THIS IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS AND UNACCEPTABLE!!!

To ban free speech in the name of anti-Semitism or whatever is evil, stupid, and treasonous. Whoever supports this is truly an enemy of America and freedom in general. Just because Rep. Ilhan Omar said something that Congress didn't like doesn't mean that she was wrong and it doesn't give the House an excuse to take away our right to free speech. There's a right way to handle things and a wrong way and this is without a shadow of a doubt the wrong way. Congress, if you were to pass this bill this would show without a shadow of a doubt that you absolutely do not care or follow the constitution.

Therefore, rendering the rule of law useless and that includes the laws that protect Congress, AIPAC and everyone else behind this deceptive bill. This would change everything and permanently change our country for good in a horrible way. The U.S. House has committed treason and proved itself to be the enemy of the United States of America in which it's supposed to represent. Not only is the House an enemy of America but an enemy of freedom and what is right and must now be removed. If the U.S. Senate and President Trump support this bill then they are enemies of free speech, this country, and what is right point blank!!!

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