7,500 tax credit must be repaid where 8,000 tax credit does not, we need to get congress to change the law

If you were a first time homebuyer and bought a house between April 2008 and December 31, 2008, you were entitled to receive a $7,500 tax credit that MUST BE REPAID over a period of 15 years.

If you were a first time homebuyer bought a house on January 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2009 you were eligible for an $8,000 tax credit that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID.

This is NOT FAIR. We need to get congress to eliminate the requirement that the 2008 tax credit must be repaid.

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1 day ago
Someone from Jim Thorpe, PA writes:
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This is a horrible burden. Had I know that our economic health is as going to worsen, we would have never taken this “loan”.
Jul 7th, 2018
Someone from Hazelwood, MO signed.
Mar 31st, 2018
Mona S. from Comer, GA writes:
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It's not fair, I can't have a hard time paying for this and at the time I wasn't told we had to pay it back. I wouldn't have taken it if I did. It's
Feb 4th, 2018
Barbara A. from Dalton, PA writes:
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Yes!I purchased my first home Nov.18,2008! As of january 2009....those people didnt have to pay it back!!!How unfair...I had to retire and my son became disabled and had to move in with me...We are struggling...This is such a hardship...Im better off dead!
Jan 15th, 2018
Shawn B. from Hazelwood, MO writes:
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Every Year !!! Until This Horrible Tax Credit ???!!!??? Is paid off....Really!!! I just get soooo frustrated AROUND this time of the year when I will get my w2 statement because l ALREADY know what to expect .... This is a shame & it’s STILL not stopped this it’s been years apparently no one in Washington Is Caring Enough .... I’ve signed this Same Petition before and it’s STILL not enough signatures for someone to EVEN look into ... Really ?!?!!!?? What a shame to punish a new homeowner to pay this back and months later change it that others don’t have to pay this “credit” (Loan) back ....
Jan 12th, 2018
Corrina O. from Roseville, CA writes:
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I have been monitoring this petition for YEARS. I have written my Senator and Congressman and they are unwilling to do anything about this. This is completely bogus and we'll never get enough signatures to be heard. Being responsible gets us screwed yet again!
Jan 4th, 2018
Mitchell S. from Hattiesburg, MS writes:
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Please change I start my taxes every year owing money and I claim 0. It's not fair that all the other years don't pay.
Dec 30th, 2017
Timothy D. from Snohomish, WA writes:
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This needs to be changed as it was unfair to buyers who bought in 2008. All other years this was a free credit.
Dec 28th, 2017
Someone from Bethlehem, PA signed.
Dec 17th, 2017
Greg C. from Rose Hill, KS signed.

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