Peace in the Middle East-Create the State of Palestine for the Palestinian People

Please work toward establishing and finalizing a peaceful resolution that includes creating a homeland known as the State of Palestine for the Palestinian People. They have been living as second class citizens and refugees on their own lands which have been occupied by Israel for more than 50 years. No one should have to live under occupied territories by another nation in the manner which the Palestinian people have done so for over 50 years. Peace can only be accomplished once the Palestinian people receive their own statehood and independence. Please make it happen in my lifetime since it did not happen in my parents lifetime, who were both born and raised in Palestine prior to Israeli takeover and occupation. They both lost their homes and their families were torn apart from the fighting. They eventually fled to to the US to escape the terror of war by the aggressive Israelis who also stole their homes and homeland. Please act on this important issue to help stabilize the region by creating peace between the Palestinian people and the Israelis so they can live in peace and harmony with one another. Thank you for your support of this very important issue.

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