Obamacare repealed in exchange for tax hike


A real compromise means a real compromise. The people have sent back a majority in the congress of republicans in one half of the legislature. The job of the house is to write monetary policies - budgets, fiscal policy -- must originate there. There is no mandate for one party. If there was, the voter would not have sent the Republican congress back.

The congress should not ignore the voters. The voters want gridlock or compromise. Not unbalanced deals. If Obama wants a tax increase -- taxes, which is a big issue with both parties -- then he must be proportional in his compromise -- Obamacare, another big issue with both parties.

Once a government takes over a sector of the economy with a large sweeping policy, it is nearly unending. A fair compromise is to raise taxes on the top margin, in order to end Obamacare which if implemented will end up nationalizing over 1/8th of the economy.

Taxes can always be reformed down the road. Govt entitlements however are out of control, and we cannot afford Obamacare.

Publius 2012