No legal jurisdiction to invade my healthcare via violating my rights as a patient, my physicians right to practice medicine according to the oaths he has taken to treat my conditions, allieviate suffering and not willfully cause pain and suffering, becau

Briefly? Briefly? I dont think so...I think the petition title sums it up. Before this witchhunt started i had a fairly functioning existance with humane treatment by my physicians for numerous chronic, extremely debilitating conditions which there are no cures for and will and have gotten worse with age. Until 2014 where my govt decided to violate my rights as a human, a patient, and an individual disabled what was supposed to be my prime in life. Then after the attack on the pharmacies wasnt enough, some idiots at the cdc et al, whom definitely have never experienced complete pain and debilitation, 24/7 decided they knew how to treat me better than my drs., making me SUFFER, through years of PAIN, NOT BEING ABLE TO CARE FOR MYSELF, BEGGING FOR HELP, BEING TREATED LIKE AN UNTOUCHABLE, IM NOT GOING TO GO INTO MY CONDITIONS BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CHRONIC DISEASES DO TO PATIENTS, AND THINK M.D.'s DONT KNOW HOW TO TREAT THEIR PATIENTS, the mental anguish that i go thru day after day, completely flabbergasted that my own govt have made it so my dr.s cannot treat me, for fear of losing their license which they have spent many years training, many dollars for education and made to violate the patients rights oaths, do you understand how it makes us feel? That you could care less that i suffer and pray to die? Every minute every hour every long excrutiating day? Bedridden, having to pee in a cup, 95 percent chance of pancreatic cancer but cant get tested because i cannot get pain relief to do things required to function to take tests? One small example. I really would like to elaborate the hell im in but i am in too much pain and sickness, and cognitive cloud i dont have the strength. At least after a few suicide attempts, you forced me to the street, which i believe is how this whole inhumane witchhunt got started, guess what it backfired. But to survive i had to go to the street, which is scary, costly, dangerous and crazy. But at least for the moment im not rotting in a coffin, like thousands of americans who you sent to their deaths. Im trying again to see a another dr. who hopefully has the confidence in treating me (i have all tests results backing up my diseases) so i hope i will be able to live a somewhat functional last years of my life, because this is the last time i will ask for help. Im hoping the cdcs explanation and revision of their ridiculous guidelines will be able to correct the damage that has been done. I cannot go on feeling like im on chemo everyday. I cant. And i hope all the physicians who kowtowed to you idiots cannot practice anymore. If they arent confident in their practice they shouldnt hurt anymore people. Oh the poor souls who youve sent to death. I hope you can find a few who are responsible because this will probably go down in history as the biggest mass murder to people who couldnt fight or stand up for themselves due to disabilites or disabled vets. Who have had to turn to the street too. I didnt know we were a dictatorship i didnt vote on this. Stay out of our healthcare. God put opiates on earth to alleviate severe pain. Who are you to dictate who gets to be pain free and who suffers so badly to kill themselves. Some of my conditions symptoms are comparable to being on chemo everyday. How could you , those who are guilty, really think one can"think away the pain"? Um excuse me, but if we could, we wouldnt need drs at all. We all would be disease free! Sorry for my thoughts not being in semblence, my brain dosent work well, due to the meds they pushed on me, in lieu of opiate, that gave me back me life, that are now in class action lawsuits. I.e. celebrex, gabapentin, fosamax et al. Inhumane. Inhumane. I pray for you at the pearly gates. Treating us worse than animals. Disgusted.
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