No Government Health Care No Goverment Involvement

This petition has been created for those who beleive that goverment intrusion into health care will distrory the only health care system in the world the truely treats people in need.

Please join me in sending a message to our government of what the people of this country truly want from our government when it comes to health care. We demand that is administration and future administrations leave health care alone. Each example of health care taken over or run solely by the government has resulted in misery and too often resulted in a death sentence for patients dictated by the ruling government per THEIR rules. Our current health care is the envy of the world and must remain government free. To point out a simple fact, patients of government run health care, of all countries, have flocked to the US to receive care under our freely run system. Once this comes to an end, NO ONE will be able to travel to a freely run health care system hoping for care. The US supplies this opportunity, Do not let it disappear.

Those that feel health care needs to provide for the poor, any hospital or patient care facility must provide care for ALL that request it. Even illegal aliens. So, do not believe those that pitch health care reform as a dire necessity, it is not. The necessity of all this is political power and the hold they will dictate on your life.

Please sign this partition to secure our future health and the future health of our children and their children by sending a message to the sitting President, Congress and Senate. Stay out of the health care sector and allow our health care to remain a haven to those that will come here for help and remain the envy of the world.


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