NJ child support laws

Unfair child support in NJ

Currently, in NJ, the child support laws are unfair to parents living out of state and favors the parent living there. As an active duty soldier, my daughter's mother would file for higher child support knowing that I was either stationed overseas or deployed and would not be able to make it to court on the specified date in the notification sent to a US address. I have been ordered to pay 515 if my 20 yr old annual college tuition which is more than what I make annually, plus a stipend and any other expenses sub as lab fees and the child support has been raised to almost $600. The courts never took in consideration that I don't know where my child was living, that I also have three younger children who I currently pay child support for and even the attorney that I eventually hired by taking out a loan either was unable to explain it or didn't care as I was not present. I have been medically retired and will not be able to pay all these costs but again, I am being told by the same attorney, that this may still not change my court ordered obligation. A law needs to be passed to help people in my situation with these outrageous court ordered payments.