My children was removed on false information

Hello my name is Kassedy Greaser my children were removed from my home due to false accusations and the CPS worker refuses to let my mother or any of my family be around my children or see my children I am not even allowed to have a phone call or no the location of my children I would like to get this incident looked into and I have court document stating the accusations that was made against me is false I was court appointed a lawyer through the state of West Virginia and she will not return my phone calls or nothing I have only had one MDT meeting since May 19 when my children was removed the CPS worker stated to me that I was able to speak with my children But every time my kids would speak to me they would be scolded or hollered at by my brother or his wife my brothers wife has ran her mouth about my drug screens has caused the people that was letting me use their vehicle to take their vehicle back I am now walking back-and-forth to work when my brother had temporary Custody of the children which is where they was placed 150 feet away from me when CPS remove them the CPS worker did not come inside of my home on May 18 when I Was investigated the CPS worker stated to me that because of two people that was present in my home at that time that her office would frown upon and force her to remove the children from my home I also have a written statement and a lady that was present during one of my brothers wild parties that overheard the conversation of him his wife and two other couples were discussing how they was going to get my children removed and that one of them would be taken with the other couple and my brother will keep my three girls it was all done for money and I feel that the CPS worker Was paid off or something of that matter we have been harassed by CPS for the last five years ever since my husband was involved in a serious accident in our child Had passed away in the accident it has been total torture they will not leave me alone they just continue to harass meIf this is how our West Virginia system is supposed to work and is being supported then I don’t wanna be apart I don’t want to be a part of West Virginia anymore I’ve had my entire life ripped away from me because of people wanting to start crap I have been made a total full of I can’t even walk in to work because of the stuff that has been said about me my brother and his wife spent the day with my four children at Black waterfalls and put a post on Facebook for claiming that they were they’re children how many other families has CPS torn apart like this my grandma my mom none of my close relatives or anything is able to talk to me because they were threatened with they would not see my brothers kids ever again if they spoke to me my CPS worker was forwarding my drug screens an email to my sister-in-law which is my brothers wife how is this at all in the least bit justifiable there’s four kids my babies I’m not allowed to know the location of her even as much as speak to them on the telephone my brother doesn’t even have custody of my kids anymore the state does they remove them from his homeMy cell phone number is
681-620-6045 I would really appreciate a call back or email or some thing my email address is I just want this to be over and my children be returned to me like they are out in this cruel godforsaken world I don’t know where they are I don’t know if they’re OK I don’t know if they’re eating and getting the stuff that they need the CPS worker ensures me that they are just fine but I I can’t vouch for that myself I have to snow my kids are OK I have called CPS and spoke to my worker I have done everything that they have asked me to do I’ve been taking drug test I’ve been taking parenting classes as I was a Addressed to do I now have a full-time job my home the corrections has been made to my home as well as a roof put on my home now which the CPS worker has cleared my home for the kids to return I was not getting a correction. I was not given anything whatsoever I was set up by my brother his wife and two others And it was done for money