Muslims holding positions in the Government, State, Federal, and Military should have to pass an FBI check first.

We have Muslims taking an Oath on the Quran instead of the Bible

There are many cultures and races that should not be in high positions of our government, in our Federal Offices, in our Schools, and in our Military without a complete FBI background check. Muslims are first and utmost to be investigated and made to take their oath on our Bible, not their Quran.

Obama has hired many Muslims in our Government, one as an Adviser to him, also one or more as his czars. There are at least 16 Muslims that are in the Congress and in the Senate, as well as a Muslim in charge of the Department Of Homeland Security. There are also Muslims in the Pentagon who have first hand knowledge of top Secrets, as well as Mr. Brenner a reformed Muslim Islamist. Now they have a

Muslim Clergyman to come and say prayers in our House of Representatives as well as have prayer meetings on the White House Lawn along with Obama present and active in the prayers. The Muslim Islamists were given approval to hold a prayer meeting in our National Cathedral in DC last month with their behinds upturned to the Cross of Jesus, while they faced their pagan sun god in the east. That is an abomination to our Lord Jesus and our Christian Faith.

We witnessed a Muslim Officer shooting and killing our service men and women and wounding many others before he was shot by a female service person. He was wounded and taken to a hospital with the utmost care and privileges along with his constant paycheck. How many years ago was that, and he has never gone to court yet and sentenced to death by a firing squad. This was on our own homeland at our military base, Fort Hood. Is he going to be another terrorist Obama will release? There are many stories of Muslims joining our military and shooting our American solders. This is not acceptable, not right, not justifiable, and it is murder of our own men and women who depend on them to watch their back.

An Investigation of all Muslims in any departments I have mentioned must be taken in consideration without delay. We are loosing a war from within our own White House and you have done nothing. I as a citizen of these United States demand you attack these situations immediately. We depend on you to have taken your Oath to protect our Constitutional Rights and Laws as a privilege and an honor, and therefore you need to do what you swore on an Oath to do. It is time to get very, very serious before it is too late. If you are intimidated and afraid, do something about it and don't be a coward too, we expect that from you as our voice for Freedom and Justice.