Most H1B holders are fake

Most of H1 B workers from India are have a maximum of few months exporsure to IT


I believe the basic definition and reason for H1B is to bring HIGHLY SKILLED PERSONNEL to US

I am an Indian and being an Indian I know better than any body about how H1B program is abused in India.

Most people who apply for H1B have a Indian 3 year degree education which I strongly believe is no better than a High School Degree in United States.

These 3 year degree holders take a 2 or 3 month computer training and land in United States stating fake experience.

There are thousands of companies in India which aid these people file a H1B petition and secure visa. These IT companies where potential H1B aspirant claims to have worked for, exists only on paper. They answer verification phone calls from USCIS or US embassy, have a web site and a physical address but there is NO actual Programming or Development done by this companies.

After landing in the United States, the same people, put 7 or more years of experience in the United States to get job.

Some of them gets fired for their poor knowledge/experience and others survive.

The people who survive either learn some quick and dirty job with minimum quality or they get into some kind of contract with some little experience guys to help them while on job. ie The actual work is done or all the step by step help is provided by somebody else who gets paid by these fake employees.

A very good example is of "contractors/consultants at a Credit Union in Vienna which claims to be established 80 years back."

There are few people who got job because they come from a particular state from india. Most of them doesn't have any education or experience or knowledge. They make arrangements with people who have little experience to do their job and in return to pay them.

Prospective Employers should do a background check by contacting the companies where these people claim to have worked before giving them consultant or contracting jobs.

I believe for the United States to be a world leader, fake experience people should not be hired even as consultants or contractors