Millions suffer pain every day, CLASS ACTION NEEDED.

March 15, 2019

Dear President Donald J. Trump:
Dear Sen. Michael F. Bennet :
Dear Sen. Cory Gardner :
Dear Rep. Joe Neguse :


And we trust our government to do the right thing,,, the drug war has changed from the border to the legitimate chronic pain patients and the doctors that want to help us,,, black/grey area's don't help the US citizens, it hurts them even more.' Note: A lot of physicians are now choosing to ignore us, so they can charge $3000+ for injections that are worthless..
There literally hundreds of thousands of hard working-decent US Citizens who are having their lives taken away by this. We have lost our ability to work and function normally, because of your "OPIOID CRISIS" agendas and lies by the DEA and the CDC.
My time is running out, I was forced off medications after 20 years of successful treatment with Opioids with any negative side-effects. The only negative effects where after I was abruptly taken off them. This was 5 months ago, most CCPS(Complex Chronic Pain Syndrome) patients will not last for more than 1 month!
I cannot believe the USA is allowing the GENOCIDE of so many Americans. All for the "greater good" of politicians? This is absurd. People with untreated/under-treated severe chronic pain cannot wait years for change, we only have weeks or days left.


Mr. Scott Haight
4340 Whitney Place
Boulder, CO 80305

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