Electoral Voting does not adequately represent the people. If you have two voting districts with 100 people in each district, and in one district the vote is 51% for yellow and 49% purple, the electoral vote goes to yellow. At the same time in the other district the vote is 9% yellow and 91% purple, the electoral vote goes to purple. Each gets one electoral vote. However, if you counted each vote individually to determine whether purple or yellow wins the outcome changes. Instead of a tie (figuratively speaking) it shows 140 purple votes and 60 yellow votes, thus making purple the winner by an overwhelming majority.

Electoral votes are biased and should not be relied upon to determine what the people want especially in an election as important as the one for the President of United States.

End the constant bickering. Enough is enough. This is about our Country not who can point the most fingers. Politics have regressed to the point it looks like the antics used by a tattling second grader trying to one up their classmate on the playground. This has been happening since before the present administration and it needs to stop.

Make the Voters and the rest of the World happy and recount the Presidential Votes, ban Electoral Voting and Make Everyone's Vote Count.

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