Dear Honorable Representatives,

I’m writing today to address the widespread, systematic corruption in Macomb County, MI, more specifically, our family court system, the 16th Judicial Circuit Court and all the family courts throughout Macomb County, MI.

I am a loving and protective mother of two daughters who have been taken from me without proper due process or justification and given to my abuser. They have now been abused and brainwashed for years now but the courts simply don’t care, nor will they even bother to hear my several emergency motions for custody. I believe there are outside influences unrelated to this case, effectively blocking all access to justice, and leaving my children in a tragic situation while I’m forced to watch without any power to help them. We all suffer immensely every single day. I’m forced to seek assistance elsewhere, though I’m not entirely sure where or when I might get that help yet. I hope to find help soon. So I have first-hand experience with what I am about to share, complete and utter tragedy in our family court system.

Our children are being sold for bribes, favors and tax dollars, and placed in the hands of abusive and unfit parents willingly, knowingly and intentionally by the very powers that we once had faith in to protect our little ones. Our family court judges, Friend of Court referees, CPS caseworkers, police, attorneys, GAL’s, etc. all throughout the judicial system are working for their own agendas, not the “best interests of the children”. Laws, statutes, Constitutional rights, do not apply in the family courts here. Any litigant’s claims of abuse are being regularly dismissed, and ignored. The parents that dare bring up child abuse, domestic violence, parental alienation or the like are being retaliated against, silenced, mocked and humiliated. Documents go missing, motions are never heard but denied and dismissed, ex parte communications separate from the case at hand decide the orders ahead of time, family court professionals are being paid off to make bogus and outrageous claims against fit parents to take their children for favors and padded pockets. Tax dollars are spent to benefit the system, not the law-abiding tax payers. Unrelated third parties, are influencing court referees, and judges for the interests of abusive parents and against the best interests of the children. Orders that legalize the abuse and tie the children and non-violent parent to the abuse, making the possibility to heal and move past the trauma, next to impossible. Our children are being smothered underneath the thick blanket of corruption, families destroyed, mental health problems like PTSD and severe depression are worsened by the system, at the same time being used against that parent to restrict their time with their children further or sometimes to take the children all together.

Judicial immunity has allowed corruption to run wild without fear of consequence, effectively removing accountability for the inhumane, unlawful activity these figures commit every single day. Our children and the rest of us fit parents need to breathe. We are all suffocating in corruption and it is time for it to end. Our tax dollars are spent at our very own peril.

The Judicial Family Court system have proven themselves unfit to decide what is best for our children. They are the worst thing that has ever happened to us fit, loving and protective parents. Our innocent children are being terrorized by the family court system unjustly. They are judging innocent parents many times more harshly than criminals, and at the same time acting criminal themselves. The system has failed our children, our families and our society. It has negatively impacted our society on a mass scale for generations to come.

This is a national emergency of pandemic proportions and is far overdue. I can’t imagine any disaster, even as big as COVID, being as devastating, grief stricken and heart wrenching as having millions of children being ripped from loving, fit and protective parents and placed with their abuser, or worse, placed into foster care where children are routinely beaten, molested, raped, tortured and forced into situations so dire that suicide seems their only way out. These children are our future…what does that look like when put in that perspective? Not too bright from where I stand.

Without our children, we would have no future. Without healthy, mentally stable children with proper foundational skills, and moral capacity, we as a nation would also be without and would cease to prosper and exist. All it takes for evil to survive is for good people to do nothing. I’m doing something, and I hope others will join. Evil only thrives in the dark, so I believe bringing light and transparency is the best way to begin.

I have the following suggestions that I’d like to see happen:

1) Accountability from all who have contributed to this disaster; judges, referees, CPS caseworkers, police officers, attorneys, GAL’s, court psychologists, court employees, as well as any party who have contributed to, influenced and/or benefited from the corruption.

2) Judicial immunity is a very large contributor to the accountability problem and should be removed. Judges are required to follow the law, but there’s no one to enforce it so the law is treated as a mere suggestion. This is simply not working.

3) Discretion is fueling these issues as it is used to justify unfair judgements. Laws should not be allowed so much leeway.

4) All tax dollars that are flowing throughout the system, financing and motivating these horrendous crimes against children, including all IV-D and government funds, should be stopped and reversed back into the people. So that we can rebuild this system too broken for repair, and create a democracy based on the people in a decentralized manner.

5) A decentralized democracy where the people decide on matters affecting our children, not the agendas of one or two men. That is a power too great for any one person to manage and to maintain self-control and humility. Abuse of that kind of power is inevitable.

6) Increase transparency100% so that all cases can be seen, in real time, in every single hearing, in every single case.

These decisions not only affect our children and families, but effect everyone in the nation as these children are our future. Without healthy, and mentally stable children, the future of our nation will not be healthy or stable, much less thriving and prosperous. We as a nation should decide what is truly best for our children, not the will of one or two men with their own agendas. These judges are given the power of God and have proven themselves unable to treat this sacred duty with responsibly, respect and the utmost of care.

They have failed us on a scale too gargantuan to measure. It’s time for some changes that reach those same epic proportions as the people require a rebalancing of our system just as Mother Nature requires the same.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my concerns and suggestions. I do have hope for a brighter future for our government and for our children. I am honored to write to you today.

Respect and best regards,

Anita Novak