LUCIFER asked me what I thought about President Trump and I said...

At the start of his Presidency, I was very concerned for people and he wasn't making decisions that I would approve of. I understand his sense of humor because obviously I was born in the U.S.A but I don't want to judge intent. It's not hard to assume that he may have been really dysfunctional coming in but he might be understanding now. I am still set to correct him though. I would do everything myself and make sure people don't get to hurt people anymore. It's just so hard because everyone speaks accusations/assumptions based on their own understandings/opinions and it is abusive especially if people don't have evidence to say anything. Honestly, I don't have much to say but I pretty much feel that I have to correct just about everything he was set to do as president but I have reason to believe that he may have some competence to proceed forward. I don't agree with anyone sanctioning, not allowing immigration and so much more. I really think people need to quit judging North Korea and Russia as far as misleading by calling them enemies. I understand if Russia don't want anything to do with the dysfunction of the ways things are done among the other countries and feel best fit sovereign from everyone but that isn't going to need to be and I believe that everyone should have morals and laws that are appropriate with International Constitution also. As far as North Korea, I feel that as a small country it is not hard to understand why they would feel that they would need bigger fire power because of the population if they ever needed to defend themselves. I don't feel that any government should be out of jurisdiction and the U.S. has been in just about every war and North Korea isn't a country that I have ever witnessed misbehaving in those manors. I understand in history that there was a separation between the North and South and the U.S. may have tried to intervene and chose a side which was probably the weaker ones. As far as that goes, I don't like the abuse that they have to go through because they have weapons but they aren't the ones that threaten or provoke with them. I understand peoples concerns though but I haven't witnessed anything that was out of line by that country. Most everyone has military but who uses the fire power? I understand that people feel that they need to protect and serve but also I am understanding from experience that people don't get understanding before making decisions. I believe Trump could fix the mistakes he made and he has every reason to try to be friends with every country. I just want the world to ceasefire and understand the corrections I am trying to make so I can secure the economies and much more. Everything would be really easy. I sent a lot of new job ideas to them as well as strategy. How come they are all fighting in court instead of sharing things in the districts they work in to get jobs on the ground and to secure the worlds poverty situation. I feel that incompetence is causing the abuses but everyone deserves a chance to get their education so simplicity will make things easy. I am a scientist that has studied a lot of subjects such as jet propulsion/aeronautics, I came up with ideas for new medical flight care V-TOL concept, new generator concepts that could possibly make the utility free but with the cost of purchase and maintenance but obviously older generations aren't as up to date with the innovations of technology so fuels are what they know and with fuels they need to understand that they don't need to cut down trees. That is our air filtering system. Bricks would be better anyways because they resist a lot more. I just think everyone in the world needs to be on the same page. We are all capable of learning and intent is not something I want to judge. I can scientifically/logically understand reasons but either way questions of intent would need to be asked. I feel that the world would be more financially secure by doing away with drugs, alcohol, tobacco ect. because then it would put the money back in the peoples pockets instead of taxing for medical and government assistance anyways. I can keep going on but I already typed a 76 page document in their offices. People need to be forgiving of history, be understanding and make the difference. I believe that change is possible in people though and in the world. Their is so much I need them to understand though but they would really need to understand the whole perspective and not stop reading because of their own opinions and understandings. PEACE would be really easy and I really want to rescue the dying families without food, water and shelter...

I ran out of characters but the point is, I petitioned the U.S. Congress and sent information all over the world a long time ago with wonderful solutions and PEACE agreements. This is the up to date version:

The New Beginning [VOYAGER EVOLUTION] =x/.\x= {Hulcules}

You need to understand and be competent for the world so we can proceed appropriately without abuses and PEACEFULLY!

Plus, I hide things on my Voyager Evolution timeline on Facebook but that doesn't mean I don't still have the content available. Other than all of that, I bet that North Korea just wants PEACEFUL solutions and I bet they have understanding of the things that need to be discussed and will soon have the documents I am sending to them anyways. I am going to make sure people do things appropriately so nobody gets abused. I am sick of people assuming/accusing without evidence and it seems people might be changing words because they don't understand . PEACE won't be hard though. GET THE MILITARY BACK IN THE U.S. AND RESOLVE THE WARS. What don't you understand? Read the documents that I am sending around the world... & LET PEOPLE OUT OF SANCTIONS RIGHT NOW! You are going to make PEACEFUL ways of working together!

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